#MumsKnowBest: 5 Times Mum Knew Best

06 July, 2015
Now, everyone and their own mother thinks they have the best mother. But, I really do. Mums know best, in fact they always do. Although sometimes we're too stubborn to always agree with her, nobody in this world has your best interests at heart than your mother. As I was growing up, we didn't always see eye-to-eye, but I put that down to as both being so similar. Even with our bickers throughout the years, my mum is my best friend and has been the backbone of our little family. She's the strongest and most selfless woman I know. 

Personally, I don't live my life by regret. Any bad choices that have led me into bad situations, I take them as learning curves rather than spend time fretting over them afterwards. I was given quite a lot of freedom growing up, which may have led to a few ill-informed decisions that my mum advised against at the time.

Littlewoods' currently have a #MumsKnowBest campaign in where I've decided to reflect on five situations where my mum definitely knew best and at the time I thought otherwise.

1. That time I decided to dye my hair black.

At fourteen years old, I deliberately disobeyed my mum and came home with a box of black hair dye, which I ignorantly slapped on my natural auburn hair. WHAT A MISTAKE. I'm pretty sure a lot of other teenagers in noughties faced the same dilemma growing up in the 'MySpace generation'. She also knew best when I once again decided I was bored of the goth hair look after a couple of months and wanted to bleach it repeatedly to reach white blonde. This led to an emergency hair dressing appointment the morning before my prom as my hair literally started to fall out in chunks as I brushed it. Bleach is the devil, I tell you!

2. Bad choice boyfriends.

When you're a teenager, you really couldn't give a shit whether your parents disapprove of your latest flame. However in hindsight now in my mid-twenties, I've come to realise my mother's approval bloody counts for a lot. I think she's had every poor sod I've ever been with down to a tee on the first meeting.

3. Don't spend all of your wages on clothes.

Now, this is still something I haven't quite got to grips with. However, there's nothing that I regret more than blowing all of my wages from my first ever job on clothes rather than driving lessons like every other 17 year old. At the grand old age of 24, I don't even own a provisional licence. Nope. I've always carried my passport around as ID. It's shameful. However, I do have a helluva wardrobe (or three).

4. Wear a coat.

Nowadays I would never even consider going on a night out without a coat. But, as a stubborn and stroppy 18 year old I thought I was invincible to the cold and refused to pay a whole £1 for a cloakroom. Considering I seem to have the worst immune system in the world, I really should have taken my mum's advice on this one.

5. Don't look directly into the solar eclipse (1999).

Well, I did. And, it hurt my retinas. I won't be doing that in a hurry again.


*This post was written in collaboration with Littlewoods.


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