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07 October, 2015

Things have been a little lame for me recently. I won't bore you with the details, but it's just been one of those months where not much seems to be going in my favour. The remedy to a bad month was definitely have some new dreamy shoes & flowers delivered to my doorstep.

Appleyard London have an absolutely stunning array of bouquets on their website, where you can send flowers via post to surprise loved ones. I opted for the 'Serenity' bouquet as I've always been drawn to white roses and the tancetum daisies compliment them perfectly. They even offer next day flower delivery, which is perfect for those panicked, last-minute moments where you may have forgotten someone's birthday or anniversary (it happens!). Or maybe you just need an "I'm sorry!" bouquet delivered in record time!

You can get an exclusive 33% off of Appleyard's range of luxury bouquets with discount code: 'BLOG33'.



  1. Sorry to hear that you have been down, hopefully things perk up this month. Gorgeous flowers :)

  2. That bouquet really is stunning. It's very Spring like! - I don't mind a bit of that as we approach the colder and darker evenings :). Tx

  3. such a pretty picture. i looove the cardigan/cape or what it is.


  4. These are really beautiful photos! I'm too used to picking up bouquets in Tescos and really ought to go to a specialist. These are lovely and I shall keep them in mind the next time I get flowers.

    I hope things are getting better as the days go by. Lovely post :)



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