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19 October, 2015
First thing's first, Talented Talkers and Thomas Cook Airlines know how to throw one hell of a party. I had been counting down the days to the #CarnivalFiesta event ever since Erica shot an invite into my inbox last month. Travel blogging is something I've dipped my toes into recently, so to attend an event hosted by Thomas Cook Airlines was just too good to miss! With the promise of cocktails, colours and carnival style partying nothing could hold me back.

#CarnivalFiesta with Thomas Cook Airlines#CarnivalFiesta with Thomas Cook Airlines

The night started calmly and quietly. I was a bit anxious about arriving as I was attending the event alone, which is something I haven't done in a long, long time. On the train from Southampton to London, I took a long a G&T to calm those nerves and hopefully aid my undesirable, unavoidable awkwardness. Gin: always the answer.

Arriving alone actually wasn't a problem like I had previously feared as there were a few recognisable faces around the room and everyone was so wonderfully welcoming.

After an electric opening act from our Samba teachers for the evening, we were all divided into groups and sent on our merry way to our first activity of the night. Ours first activity happened to be a cocktail masterclass. Now it's safe to say I was pretty tipsy by this point and I had only had two cocktails upon arrival, but boy were they strong! I think the fact our first stop was half an hour of mixing and drinking really set the pace for the rest of the night. In the back of my mind I thought I'd adapt to making cocktails due to my two year stint as a teenager working as a barista in Starbucks. How wrong I was. I completely sucked.

Next up, we wandered over to our next venture proudly clutching at our own-made cocktails in our hands. We got to sit down and have a chat with the Thomas Cook Airlines team who were on hand to run us through....

Did you know the second biggest carnival in the world is held in Tenerife?! No? I didn't either before the other night. In fact, I've never even been to Notting Hill Carnival, which is surprising as drinking and extravagant, colourful outfits is pretty much my weekends summed up in a nutshell. 

The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is held every February and is considered to be the second biggest and most popular carnival in the world, second only to the one held in Rio de Janeiro. The carnival itself is spread into two parts: the official carnival and the street carnival afterwards, which is a little more loosely organised as residents take to the streets to dance until sunrise. Sounds like a good time, right? Flights to Tenerife are a ridiculous amount cheaper than those to Rio too. Right, who's coming with me next year?!

#CarnivalFiesta with Thomas Cook Airlines
#CarnivalFiesta with Thomas Cook Airlines

Next up was the make-up station where we were able to coat our faces in glitter. After spending the majority of the summer festival season covered head-to-toe in glitter I was in my element! I enthusiastically smothered beneath my eyes with my Vaseline and a lilac-emerald combination glitter. 

Suitably sparkly, after a few more cocktails (they were NEVER-ENDING, I tell you!), we headed towards my most-dreaded activity of the night: the Samba dance class. I have NO rhythm anywhere in my body. I'm not just saying that either, I literally resemble a flailing turkey trying to fly if I attempt any sort of dance routine. 

The last stop of the night was the headdress making workshop where we were armed with a glue gun and shed load of feathers. This is the station I had been waiting for all night long! However, after having an endless stream of mojitos, then being handed a scolding hot glue gun and with a box of rainbow-coloured feathers, I think the excitement may have got the better of me as I managed to come away with a pretty horrific glue gun burn - ouch! I did walk away with an absolutely wondrous,  multi-coloured feathered headpiece that resembled a dead parrot balanced on top of my head (evidence below) and an aloe vera soaked bandage resting on my hand. The signs of a good night, I say.

#CarnivalFiesta with Thomas Cook Airlines#CarnivalFiesta with Thomas Cook Airlines

Thomas Cook Airlines are generously giving away a pair of tickets to the Tenerife festival next year to one hell of a lucky attendee at #CarnivalFiesta. All I have to do is plead my case why I should be their festival representative in 2016, so here goes nothing...

I'm not the most well-travelled girl in the world (yet I'm trying to expand my travel blogging content... work that one out!). In fact, I've been abroad three times this year and those three times were in the Netherlands. The #CarnivalFiesta event has caused a case of seriously itchy feet and has me dusting off my passport in preparation for my next overseas adventure. I must admit I'd never considered Tenerife before last week, simply because I saw it as a destination purely for a sunbathing holiday, which isn't something that appeals to me. When I go on holiday, I go for an adventure rather than relaxation. I'm just too restless to lay on a beach all week! I love to walk until my feet are covered in blisters and my eyes have taken in as much of my surroundings as possible. 

After chatting to the Thomas Cook Airlines team at the event, my perceptions of Tenerife have completely changed. Of course, Tenerife is still a perfect choice for a sunny, relaxation getaway, but it's also alive with Spanish culture that is just waiting to be explored! I want to take these itchy feet of mine and take them to the island of Tenerife, so they can not only cover as much terrain as possible, but also dance in the annual carnival next February!

Now, I can't promise my samba skills are on point, but my wardrobe is so carnival ready for 2016...

Extravagant headdresses - CHECK! 
Sequin gowns - YOU BETCHA! 
Embellished bralets & rainbow tie-dye frocks - OF COURSE!
A stock pile of glitter - DUH!

If you fancy joining the carnival party in Tenerife next year, then you can find flights from less the £40 here! Who's with me?!

#CarnivalFiesta with Thomas Cook Airlines



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  2. This sounds like SO much fun and you've captured it beautifully! x

  3. Looks like you had an amazing time chick!!

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