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12 December, 2015
Lingerie Buying Gift Guide
The lingerie set in the above photo is from ASOS

Ladies, send this to your other half...

If you're a fella and your planning to buy your partner some undies for Christmas, lingerie shopping can be a daunting and scary situation. There are dozens of different styles of briefs alone. Bra sizing involves not only numbers, but letters too?! Madness. Also, what the hell are 'body stockings'?! FYI, they're actually what they say in the name: stockings for your body.
  • Don't just guess her size. Seriously. An ill-fitting bra is both unflattering and extremely unhelpful when it comes to supporting her assets, which is the prime function of a bra as well as looking pretty. If you want it to be a surprise, just sneakily (in a non-creepy way) look at the labels in the underwear she already owns. Be sure to check through a few though as we're all guilty of owning at least one underwear set that doesn't fit quite right.
  • Stay away from tacky. No one wants candy string underwear. NO ONE.  Lingerie gift giving doesn't have to be sleazy. In fact it can be pretty fucking classy if you play your cards right.
  • Tops and bottoms aren't always the same size. Sometimes lingerie is sold as sets in standard dress sizes, eg. Size 6/8/10/12, etc. It's always a huge risk buying sets sized and paired together as a lot of women, dependent on her body shape, can be different sizes. For example, a pear-shaped girl will need bigger size in briefs in comparison to her bra size. As a polar opposite, top heavy girls may need smaller briefs in comparison to their bra size. Buying mix & match separates is a better way of buying undies that will suit her shape, more than buying a pre-matched set.
  • Buy her a full matching set. I hate, hate, HATE not having a complete set. I know we're all guilty of wearing mismatched undies from time to time, but it's nice to have the option to wear a matching set from time to time.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help. If you're still feeling a little lost about what to buy for your other half for Christmas then don't be afraid to ask. I'm not saying you strike up a conversation with her parents whether she'd rather wear a Brazilian or G-string (that can only end badly)... But, ask her friends, ask the shop assistant and ask any female family members for a helping hand. 
  • Take into account her style. If she's grungy, maybe opt for something black and lacy. If she's more of a girly girl then delicate frills and floral prints might be more her cup of tea. If you have a vintage vixen on your hands, then a retro-inspired, high-waisted set might do the trick. Or maybe, she's a fitness freak, in which case why not look into luxury sports bras from Lole.

Ann Summers Willa Burgundy Lace Corset
Ann Summers Willa Burgundy Lace Corset

This delicate, premium guipure lace corset could just be the perfect festive undergarment. Burgundy lace happens to be my personal favourite as it tends to compliment fair skin tones rather well. I would say to size up on this corset if you can as when I tried it on, it's surprisingly small across the back. For the more daring, this corset could even work as a sensational outerwear piece tucked into high waisted black jeans as it's completely opaque. It's got enough sauce and oozes enough elegance to make it a perfect addition to any lingerie loving girl's stocking.

Ann Summers Louise Lingerie Set
Ann Summers Ella Lingerie Set
Louise Balcony Bra* & Brazilian Brief* // Ella Balcony Bra* & Brief*

Ann Summers also offer gorgeous under garms that are more suited to day-to-day wear. Just because you're popping to Tesco doesn't mean you have to wear boring underwear. In fact, slipping on some nice undies can heighten your confidence and make your day all the better. Just make sure they fit comfortably, so you're not awkwardly re-jigging whilst walking down the street. The Louise black and nude mesh set is exactly the kinda set every girl needs to feel sassy. This soft, satin, balcony bra features nude mesh on the cups that give the discreet illusion of a peep cup whilst keeping everything concealed. 

The red Ella set, however, is a bit more of a 'showstopper' as the back is completely cut out with only two harnessed, dainty red, criss-crossed straps. Maybe not so suitable for a trip to the shop unless you're feeling particularly cheeky that day!

Lingerie Under £50

Handmade Lingerie

*Prices are subject to change from when this was written

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