S P O T L I G H T | A Cosy Christmas Night In

03 January, 2016

I know Christmas has passed so I have to apologise for the influx of festive posts I'm catching up on. Personally, I love Christmas and plan on stretching it out as long as possible. Plus, Christmas isn't officially over until the 6th January (the twelfth day), so I'm right on schedule!

In mid-December, Wynsors, sent me a Christmassy cosy care package complete with a scrumptious salted hot chocolate, an adorable Christmas jumper mug, some scented tealights, a snowflake print fleece blanket (which the cats have since claimed) and a pair of moccasin style fringed slippers. Combine all of these sweet treats together and you've got the perfect recipe for a cosy night in! 

Even though the Christmas season is almost over, a night snuggled under a duvet with the above and a Netflix binge is something we should all indulge in all year round. In fact, I've done it every day since New Year's so far! What better way is there to enter 2016?

What's your favourite way to unwind in the evening?



  1. Sounds perfect and sounds super cosy. My favourite way to relax in the evening is with Netflix and often my dad, brother and I will watch nearly a whole season of something on a Sunday afternoon. These past few days we've been bingewatcing Scream the TV series! x

  2. Sounds great! It's the only way to be


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