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17 January, 2016

Pose Yoga Mat | As I mentioned in my Welcoming 2016 blog post, one of this year's goals is to re-discover yoga. I had a brief stint of yoga classes during university, but they were cut short due to a pricey membership I couldn't keep up with. I absolutely love yoga whilst I was learning and really want to pick up where I left off. A brand new yoga mat might give me the motivation I need!

Lightbox Lamp | I am crazy for homewares at the moment. I think I'm going through a 'nesting phase' despite to owning my own home. This light box lamp allows you to change your message as often as you please! Also, A Lovely Little Company stock extra sets of symbols and characters to add on to your light box.

Chopard Sunglasses | I recently found out I needed glasses for working on the computer and reading. As I'm off on holiday in a few weeks (YIPEEEE!), I've been looking at prescription sunnies that will cater for when I plan to kick back with a cocktail in my hand and catch up with some reading on the beach. I absolutely adore the seventies, oversized style of these frames. I mean, they're seventies influenced, come on... how could I not love them?!

Frends Taylor Headphones in Rose Gold | I'm a stereotypical basic blogger bitch when it comes to copper and rose gold. I can't get enough of it. I'm due a new, fancy pair of headphones as I only own those flimsy Apple ones that come with your iPhone.

The Little Pocket Book of Crystal Tips & Cures | Crystal healing and properties is always something that has drawn me. I currently have a small, but humble collections of mesmerising crystals but I'm yet to educate myself of their power. This book seems like the ideal first step for crystal novices like myself.

Hamsa Hand Tapestry | I need this tapestry for nothing other than aesthetic reasons. It's just so, so pretty.

Hemsley + Hemsley Spiralizer | I would really love to be a little more experimental and exciting with what I eat this year. As someone who is a little sensitive to gluten goodness, but is besotted with pasta, I'd love to test out vegetable based pasta dishes as an alternative.



  1. I got my boyfriend a letter lightbox for christmas and now I really want one for myself, they're so cool! The headphones have also been on my wishlist for such a long time, I just can't justify to myself spending that much money eek! x

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