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09 March, 2016
Vintage 70s Style Fashion Blogger Ginger Hair

I can't say I ever usually take part in things like this, but when an invite to apply for one of Oxfam's upcoming faces for their new vintage campaign I just couldn't hold back my enthusiasm. COUNT ME IN! As someone who practically lives in vintage and charity shops trying to hunt down pre-loved garments and bric-a-brac, I just could not be more eager about this opportunity!

I'm a 70's girl through and through; I was just born in the wrong era. If you take a gander back through my blog, I think it's easy to see just how inspired I am by bell bottoms flares, paisley prints and garish interiors. Fuelled by a love of the seventies lifestyle, music and fashion I do attempt to echo it in my everyday contemporary life. In fact, the majority of my vintage garments actually come from charity shops like Oxfam and there's nothing I love more than rummaging through secondhand stores and finding one-off treasures from another decade. There's something charming about owning something that has a story from another era and then giving it a new lease of life. In fact, I go 'treasure hunting' around my local shops at least once at week and always come back with more than I can carry! The majority of my own personal style muses are seventies soul sisters such as Pamela Courson, Steve Nicks and Jane Birkin. I'd absolutely love to be considered to represent Oxfam's face of the 1970's.

For more information on this competition head over to Oxfam's website here.
Vintage 70s Style Blogger Ginger Hair
Photo by Kaye Ford.



  1. I love the hat and star jacket! :D

  2. Lovely photos!! There aren't that many second hand shops where I live, I do love taking the time to look through them when I do find one! Love your style x
    Holly x
    The Twins' Wardrobe

  3. YOU HAVE TO WIN THIS!! Soz for that caps, I just feel very passionate about it ha-ha! xx


    1. Hahahaha, oh babe! I'm keeping my fingers crossed! xx

  4. You look so good. You would be a perfect face.

  5. Love your hair! You definitely suit the era :)

  6. My friend was always able to pick up fantastic things in charity shops - I've never had much luck. It doesn't matter how many times I try, there is never anything that jumps out at me :(

  7. If you don't get chosen they're mad! Perfect 70s babe xx

  8. That jacket is gorgeous! You look great, good luck with the competition! xo


  9. You have to win! Your photos and style are amazing! Loving your hair. I really adore people like you x

  10. So nice when a blog collaboration is so perfectly aligned with the style of the blogger! This is fantastic :) x


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