Seventies Embroidered Kaftan

23 March, 2016
70s Embroidered Maxi Vintage Kaftan & Fedora Bohemian Outfit

I dig kaftans. Especially if they're embroidered.

70s Embroidered Maxi Vintage Kaftan & Fedora Bohemian Outfit
70s Embroidered Maxi Vintage Kaftan & Fedora Bohemian Outfit
Kaftan: Charity Shop // Fedora: ASOS // Boots: Forever 21 // Belt: Beyond Retro

There's something about this full-length, maxi kaftan that has me dreaming of Woodstock '69, prancing around the fields and soaking up the electric atmosphere. Ahh, a girl can dream, right?! 

This vintage piece was another local charity shop treasure that cost me less than £7! SEVEN SINGULAR POUNDS. Unless you're a fellow thrifter I cannot explain the euphoria and sense of accomplishment you feel when you uncover an amazing find for a steal. I mean, there is nothing... nothing at all that compares to this kaftan dress on the high street right now. I am besotted with it.

I'm trying to keep my promise of showcasing more thrifted and vintage outfits on this blog, but would love to hear suggestions for more vintage and secondhand shopping based content. If you have any ideas, please do leave a comment with any suggestions.

70s Embroidered Maxi Vintage Kaftan & Fedora Bohemian Outfit70s Embroidered Maxi Vintage Kaftan & Fedora Bohemian Close Up



  1. Jeez you look amazing, honestly it's like looking back in time!! I love the kaftan so much and hat really finishes the entire look off so nicely! I need to check thrift shops near me some time especially for the upcoming summer months!!

  2. Now way was that £7?! What an absolute steal. You look stunning Leigh!
    A Story of a Girl

  3. That's such a pretty dress Leigh! You look stunning girl, just gorge x

  4. Yes!!!! I am also a fellow thrifter! Loving this find its gorgeous and you suit it so well!! Love that you paired this with a black fedora it all looks so lush!

  5. I'm so excited for you about your £7 find! I love a good bargain! You look beautiful in these photos and the outfit is lovely.
    Irma xo

  6. woow amazing style! I thought my comment came through earlier, sorry that it didnt. I have followed you on bloglovin, such a inspiration x


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