Baker Boy Hats & Bell Bottom Flares

02 April, 2016
Hat: Boot Sale // Waistcoat: Zara // Kaftan*: Frolicking With Clementine Vintage // 
Flares: Kylie & Kendall // Boots: Zara
Photography: Angi

Baker boy hats are a bit like Marmite. You either hate 'em or love 'em. Whilst I bloody hate Marmite (food of the devil, imo), I freakin' love baker boy hats, even if I do slightly resemble an old time train driver whilst sporting one.

These photos were shot with the wonderful, pastel-obsessed blogger, Angi, a few weeks back for her latest university project. We shot several looks for both my blog and her blogger-focused magazine, which I'm super excited to see the final version of!

I've been wearing this suede, embroidered waistcoat almost every chance I can. I actually picked in up in the Zara sale whilst I was in Tenerife. Yes, I am one of those awful people who shops in high street stores when on holiday; if there's a Zara, I'm there in a flash! It cost just under €20, so I practically threw my money at the cashier when I saw it.

These flares are rather old and were bought from a US seller over on Depop, but they are probably my favourite bell bottoms from my ever growing collection. They just seem to sit so well with my lemon coloured kaftan from Frolicking with Clementine Vintage.

I'm off to Amsterdam for my third visit tomorrow night - hurrah! We're taking the magical Megabus overnight, which is estimated to be around 11 hours. I'm just praying I get some sleep, so we can kickstart our getaway in a good mood and full of energy!



  1. wow I love the vest's pattern! Is it embroidered? I would have loved to see a close up. I also loved the coat paired with the pants <3 <3

  2. Super cool as always Leigh! You look amazingg girl x

  3. Have the most incredible time in Amsterdam girl!
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