Karma Cola Soft Drinks Review

26 April, 2016
Karma Cola Drinks Gingerella & Lemony Lemonade Waitrose
Drinks*: Karma Cola

'Drink no evil.'

Karma Cola are a new kick ass soft drink brand on the block that are fighting for everything good in the food & drink industry; they're literally the superheroes of the fizzy drink world!

Karma Cola kindly sent me three of their Fairtrade drinks to review: the original Karma Cola, Gingerella & Lemony Lemonade. Karma Cola state their drinks are 'as good for you as fizzy drinks can be' as they exclusively use organic ingredients and a better form of sugar rather than the kind that is bleached white with sulphur (yuck!). They're fighting for not only their drinks to be as utterly delicious as possible, but for them to benefit the people that grow the ingredients and the Earth itself. They source their natural ingredients from all over the world whilst working with the communities that grow their ingredients and giving money back to them from every bottle sold.

The first drink and namesake of the company, Karma Cola, is made with real cola crushed nuts amongst other ingredients. Upon tasting it for the first time I exclaimed that it tasted like 'liquid cola bottle sweets'. It is much, much sweeter and flavoursome than some other well known cola brands and a lot less carbonated. It's freakin' delicious and is a must try for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Karma Cola Gingerella Drink

The drink I was most excited to try out of the Karma Cola family was Gingerella! I think it may be my spirit drink (if there is such a thing); I mean, look how sassy its leading lady is! I actually have hair envy of her.

I'm a huge fan of ginger and possess a particular fondness for ginger beer. Whilst ginger is a naturally healing ingredient that boosts the immune system amongst a million other health benefits, it's also delicious as a fizzy drink! Whilst Karma Cola originates from Sierra Leone, Gingerella is born in Sri Lanka. Gingerella packed a fiery punch, just like any fiesty redhead, and happened to be my favourite from the bunch (unintentionally dropping poetry).

Finally, Lemony Lemonade is exactly what it says in the title - REALLY, REALLY LEMONY! As someone who loves citrus flavours, I couldn't get enough of this drink. It's not too sour and holds a certain sweetness, but is still ever so flavoursome boasting a sharp citrus taste.

Karma Cola drinks are now available in Waitrose and are stocked across coffee shops, bar and other eateries across the country. Next time you're feeling thirsty, why not pick up one a Karma Cola drink instead?

Karma Cola Gingerella Fairtrade Drink



  1. Oooh I've had the Lemonade one before at TOMS Community Outpost in Covent Garden! Would love to try the others too, they sound great and I love the bottle designs!

  2. I haven't heard of these before, but they sound really interesting. Your cat is beautiful too!

  3. These look lush. I'd definitely be going for the Gingerella. I'm a fiend for anything with ginger in it.


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