Flashsticks Language Learning Tool Review

30 May, 2016
Flashsticks Language Learning Tool Review

In recent years, it's become more apparent to me just how beneficial learning a second language would be. Not only does it help you on your travels, but it opens up job opportunities and potential career opportunities abroad.

Flashsticks are a company that have developed an innovative way in helping you learn another language and I was given the opportunity to put their language learning tools to the test. I decided to opt for the Spanish beginners kit as the only language experience I've had before is GCSE French & German, which sits somewhere tucked away in the back of my mind. I thought it would be beneficial to add some vocabulary from a whole new language into my mind for my future travels. When I visited Tenerife earlier in the year, I found I didn't know nearly enough Spanish for staying in such a local orientated city.

The beginner's kit contains three sets of post-it notes that cover a number of feminine nouns, masculine nouns and verbs. Each note has an illustration, the Spanish word, the pronuniciation and the English word. The point is to stick the post-it notes around the house or on the matching objects and practicing whilst you get on with your day. 

Flashsticks Language Learning Tool Review

Flashsticks also has an accompanying app that allows you to scan your notes, which brings up a short video of a teacher pronouncing the word on the note, which is really handy for nailing the pronunciation if you're feeling unsure. The app also has the ability to scan real life objects with your phone's camera. For example, I started by scanning my Olympus PEN E-PL7 and after around thirty seconds or so, it not only gave me the translation for just 'camera', but the translation for 'grey Olympus PEN camera' (it is cream, rather than grey, but we'll let them off!).

The app for your smartphone in itself is a really handy tool for educating yourself on the local language when travelling abroad. I'll definitely have it to hand next time I'm on holiday, so I can practice in my hotel room. It's bound to make you feel more confident in communicating with locals when you're next on holiday. What's even better is the app is completely free, so download it now!


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