Cruelty Free Beauty: Barry M Showgirl Extra Volume Mascara Review

05 June, 2016
Barry M Showgirl Extra Volume Mascara Review
Barry M Showgirl Extra Volume Mascara available at Boots

I recently made the decision to go cruelty free across all of my cosmetics, which is something I should have done a long, long time ago. This has meant transitioning my beauty products over to more animal friendly ones. During the process I've decided to start introducing cruelty-free beauty reviews onto my blog that will cover from make-up to haircare to skincare and everything else in between. 

Before switching to cruelty free products, I swore by using Benefit's They're Real mascara to accentuate my fair, stubby little lashes. However, sadly Benefit do still test on animals so I've had to remove them from my cosmetics list. Finding a new mascara that suited me and my overly sensitive eyes was going to be a challenge, so I decided to go to the cruelty free Twitter community for a replacement recommendation. A few people, including Vivi from 'Sammy sans Cruelty' (a wonderful blog for cruelty free beauty reviews), came back to me with the Barry M Showgirl mascara, so the next day I popped into Boots and bought it.

Cruelty Free Barry M Showgirl Extra Volume Mascara Review

Upon initial application I didn't warm to the Barry M Showgirl mascara; I found it clumpy, messy and I found the wand a little too chunky to apply. However, it's a product I've grown to love so much that I feel comfortable enough wearing it without my signature cat liner flick!

It does take a couple of coats to build up the impact needed, but for £4.99 it's an incredible cruelty free mascara to replace Benefit. Also, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and the metallic pink tube absolutely stole my heart.

What are your thoughts on the Barry M Showgirl Extra Volume mascara?



  1. It's made your lashes look so long & thick! I've been on the look out for a budget friendly mascara and this seems perfect! Will definitely be picking it up x

  2. I have it too and loving it ! great pictures :)

  3. I to am changing all of my cosmetics to cruelty free brands and I am so shocked and disgusted with how many of my favourite products aren't cruelty free and soooo many big brands still test on animals. My makeup collection is now non existent because of all the brands I had to remove - I now have a chance of starting all over again. I will definitely look into this mascara xx

  4. I'm glad you got it to work for you! personally I think it looks fab on you :)
    Summer xx

  5. I've been looking for a mascara and eyeing this one up, so this review came at the perfect time :)


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