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17 June, 2016

Last month I was invited down to experience a spa treatment and use of the facilities at Virgin Active Health Club in The Brewery, Romford. Having never been one to really pamper myself, I had actually never been had a spa treatment before, so this was a whole new experience for me. I was kindly allowed to bring along someone else, so I decided to bring along my lovely mum for a well-deserved, relaxing day out.

Virgin Active sits inside opposite Sainsbury's and presents quite a modest exterior, however when you walk through the entrance it's rather overwhelming just how huge the club is with a spacious cafe area followed by a expansive space full of workout equipment and an overlooking upstairs space with even more gym equipment! As we visited on a Sunday afternoon the gym was rather quiet meaning there was plenty of machines and weights that were available to use, but I wasn't there to get a sweat on (unless it included the sauna, of course). Nope, I was there for an afternoon of nothing more than pure relaxation, so the cross trainer just didn't look too appealing that day.

The ESPA health & beauty treatment area is separate from the rest of the club, so there's no noise or distractions around to spoil the tranquility. My mum and me both opted for 40 minute body massages, so we could really kick back and relax. 

The forty minute treatment covers two body areas of your choice, which your masseuse discusses with you beforehand. After a short consultation with my masseuse, we decided that a more vigorous, fitness massage would benefit me as my body was suffering from a sports-related injury (ha!). For the past few years, I've suffered with a trapped nerve that run from my thigh over my hip and round to my lower back, so the two areas I chose for treatment were my legs and my back.

After deciding upon which oils to use, the massage began and oh my word, it was complete and utter bliss. As someone who has never had a professional body massage before, I knew it was bound to be relaxing but it was heavenly. The able-handed masseuse was able to hunt out my problem nerve, which unfortunately hurt unbearably as she run her hands over it. I was advised it would take a few sessions to ease the nerve, which is something for me to consider for the future.

After finishing the massage, we were shown over to the absolutely massive changing rooms that put my local gym's teeny locker room to shame. After switching over to our swimming costumes we spent a good hour or so enjoying the luxuries of the sauna, steam room and jacuzzis, which was the perfect way to finish a tranquil afternoon!

If you want to visit the Virgin Active Health Club, you can find it here:

4 The Brewery, Waterloo Road, Romford RM1 1AU



  1. I had no idea that Virgin gyms did spa style treatments! The massage you got sounds so lovely, I love that you got to choose what oils you use and the room looks so relaxing from your photos! Glad you had a good experience lovely xx

  2. whah this post makes me want to book a massage asap and treat myself!
    Love the photos x

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  3. What an amazing experience. I would love a relaxing massage right now!


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