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11 July, 2016
Cruelty Free Makeup Revolution Lip Lacquers Review
Makeup Revolution Lip Lacquers, available at Superdrug, £3 each

Makeup Revolution are a brand I've used regularly and religiously since before deciding to switch out to cruelty-free cosmetics. Not only are their products considerably cheaper than most other brands with eye shadow palettes sitting at £4 and lipsticks as little as a £1, but the products I've used from their range so far, predominately eye shadows, bronzers & blushers, have impressed me.

Liquid lipsticks are EVERYWHERE at the minute, and I'm a newbie to the whole game. However, when browsing through Superdrug I noticed Makeup Revolution were serving up their contribution to the liquid lipstick game at only £3 a pop. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out a liquid lippie, so I walked away with two in my basket.

Cruelty Free Makeup Revolution Velvet Depravity Lip Lacquer On
Cruelty Free Makeup Revolution Velvet Depravity Lip Lacquer On
Velvet Depravity Lip Lacquer, available at Superdrug, £3

The pigmentation on this lip lacquer is insane and stands out a mile off! Liquid lipsticks really take the grain when it comes to extravagant, exciting colours and Velvet Depravity is the most vibrant of the collection in a cool, purple tone. I absolutely adore this shade and found it applied evenly. I haven't yet put it through the eating test (I'll update this post as soon as I have), but it seemed to last a decent amount of time considering it was only £3.

Cruelty Free Makeup Revolution Velvet Rebel Lip Lacquer On
Velvet Rebel Lip Lacquer, available at Superdrug, £3

Unfortunately and strangely, I found the Rebel shade difficult to apply evenly as you can see from the above photo. As well as drying into a patchy mess, it started to flake away almost instantly and was pretty much gone within thirty minutes. It's also really uncomfortable on the lips and I found myself pursing them quite a lot, which is probably the reason as to why it flaked away so soon.

After the first application, I did reapply the lacquer with a little more success. Patience is key when applying this lip lacquer in order to achieve an even finish. However, I still found it a little uncomfortable and flaky on the lips, so I won't be re-purchasing it.

Other people seem to love these lip lacquers, but unfortunately they just don't 'do it' for me.

Have you tried Make Up Revolutions lip lacquers?


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  1. Yeah, I have this lipsticks and I like it for the price!
    Black Rose by Annluck


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