'Snippets of Amsterdam' After Movie

22 July, 2016
Amsterdam Travel Vlog After Movie Blogger Vlogger

A few months ago, James and myself jumped aboard a Megabus to endure a 13 hour journey to our favourite European city, Amsterdam. We only decided to go a month beforehand because we had booked tickets to see the RuPaul's Drag Race tour out there, as it worked out considerably cheaper than seeing them in London with travel costs included (£13 each way to Amsterdam!). Crazy, right? I've got to admit it was a struggle as we were both suffering with the flu the first few days of our trip and throughout the bus journey, which meant we were those annoyingly sick people coughing our lungs up the whole way.

As we were travelling all the way to the Netherlands for a drag show, we decided to make a few days of it and spent five days wandering through those picturesque, cobbled streets. I took some video footage in between the days of our sickness and wanted to share it with you guys in a quick after movie below. Unfortunately it's taken so long to upload because I'm having an absolute mare with my iMovie freezing during playback, which has meant I've not been able to edit this too smoothly. Now if someone wants to buy me Final Cut Pro, I wouldn't object, as my relationship with iMovie is a little rocky right now.

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  1. loved it!


  2. SO dreamy, my Amsterdam based wanderlust has just gone up about 10 notches! Such a perfect music choice too! xx


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