ASOS x Hunter Festival Style

11 August, 2016

Hunter boots*: ASOS (available here) // Blouse: Beatnik Vintage // Shorts: Beyond Retro // Hat: Zara

It's no secret that I love a festival. Despite not thinking I had any planned, this year I've been to both British Summer Time and Citadel Festival, as well as landing a digital job at a festival company, so I wouldn't say this summer hasn't been entirely festival free. Next year, I'm hoping to have my biggest festival year yet!

Festival styling is something that I like to think I'm pretty confident in; give me a challenge to piece together five days worth of outfits for Glastonbury and I'll be in my element. For the past decade of my festival adventures, wellies have been a necessary item in my festival wardrobe. However, over the last seven or eight years, I've had the same pair of metallic, golden Hunter boots that have seen me through many a festival across a few different countries; they've seen me through turbulent, drunken times including being knee deep in Glastonbury mud and they've still lived to tell the tale. I don't think I would ever switch from Hunter boots, because they really do last a lifetime.

Now, I love my golden Hunter boots with all my heart and they'll probably see me through until my 60's when I'll still be dancing in the Green Fields of Worthy Farm, but it was time to introduce a new pair of Hunter boots into my collection; enter, the original, refined, black, matte boots from ASOS!

These high, matte boots are becoming the must-have, iconic festival piece along with the classic Ray Ban wayfarers sunglasses (and they happen work together tremendously well, fyi). These boots been spotted on the likes of Alexa Chung, Emma Watson and many more. Hunter have redefined the clumsy festival wellington boot and have made them sleek, suave and the most desirable boot going for every festival.

Do you own a pair of Hunter boots?


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  1. You're killing it Leigh, so so beautiful! x


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