Top 3 Street Food Stalls I'm Looking Forward to at OnRoundhay 2016

04 September, 2016

Nowadays music festivals have to rely on a lot more than a reputable line-up to stand out from the hundreds upon hundreds of other festivals out there. From incredible art installations, educational talks, human experiments (I'm looking at you Burning Man), pop-up cities, and utopian communities, festivals have developed into a unique experience that caters to all of the senses rather than just sound. 

For OnRoundhay Festival, a one-day festival held in Leeds, they've decided to focus on catering to taste with an extraordinary street food line-up curated by none other than Leeds Indie Food. As a self-confessed 'dirty eater', foodie and all round appreciator of anything edible, festival food is something that has my stomach, body and soul wholly excited, especially with a line-up as exciting as this! MY STOMACH IS READY.

Bánh mì Booth

Bánh mì Booth is a Yorkshire-based, Vietnamese style food joint that is served from a gorgeous, duck-egg blue, converted 1970s van. With crispy, pork dumplings, fragrant rice dishes and five spice tofu baguettes, they offer something a little different to the burger (not that there's anything wrong with a burger though, imo) and overpriced bacon sarnie stands you'd usually find at a festival. They also offer gluten free and vegan options, which is a huge bonus!

Longhorns BBQ

Next up we have Longhorns BBQ, which isn't one for the veggies, as they are meat connoisseurs that specialise in the taste of typical Texan cuisine. There are a few dishes that have caught my eye and they go by the names of the 'Big Ass Burger' and the Mac 'n' Cheese patty (which is vegetarian actually!). Longhorns have a few venues scattered over the north of the country, so if you're not at OnRoundhay this month then do take a trip to one of their venues.

Manjit's Kitchen

Manjit's Kitchen is an award-winning, vegetarian Indian food van that has a selection of curries to tantalise your tastebuds. As if their cutesy, yellow, illustrated van wasn't inviting enough, their menu is set to have your stomach rumbling. The chilli paneer dosa is top of my 'to taste' list, for sure!

It's set to be a pretty awesome festival (or FEAST-IVAL, AM I RIGHT?!) to end the season. Tickets for OnRoundhay are still available here



  1. Wow all that food is making my stomach rumble - it looks delicious!
    A Story of a Girl

  2. Everything looks so good! Especially the veggie Indian stall - I especially love the sound of chilli paneer dosa! Nom nom.

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  3. Yes to all of these! I've had Longhorns before and seen Manjit's Kitchen around everywhere but never tried their food, it's supposed to be delicious though. Leeds' street food scene is so amazing right now :)

    Enjoy On Roundhay!
    ~ Kate xx


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