Dolce Gusto Movenza Automatic By Krups Coffee Machine Review

14 January, 2017

Coffee Machine*: c/o Dolce Gusto

Hi, my name is Leigh and I'm addicted to coffee.

No, I really am. It most likely all started at my after school job for Starbucks when we had an unlimited amount of free drinks at our disposal, so I started dabbling in caffeine and began to realise how wonderful it really is. We spent hours making up new drink concoctions and downing espressos like a bunch of university freshers at a £1-a-shot night. Since those years as a teenage barista, I'm a five-cups-a-day kinda girl, and if anyone even dares to keep me from my coffee, all hell does indeed break loose. It's probably safe to say I like a good cup of coffee.

When the opportunity to review a Dolce Gusto machine landed in my inbox, you can only imagine my enthusiasm. A frothy, professional latte at the touch of a button with little effort required and without the typical high street coffee chain price (yes, I'm looking back at you and your £4 drinks Starbucks)... umm yes please!

I was sent the Movenza Automatic in brushed black model* (RRP £169.99), which could not look more sleek and modern if it tried. In fact, it's so swish that it would easily find a fit amongst the props in a futuristic sci-fi movie and no one would question it. When not in use, the machine collapses down into a egg-shaped pod meaning it's incredibly easy to store away between uses, especially if you have a kitchen that's a little on the smaller side. However if you do have the room in your kitchen to keep the Movenza on display it's so aesthetically pleasing that it'll look right at home on your kitchen worktop!

The instructions provided for the initial set up were ridiculously easy to follow and came with step-by-step diagrams. Even for someone who usually detests following any type of instruction manual, I had the machine set up in my kitchen and ready to go within a matter of minutes. 

The machine uses 'pods', which you insert into the top of the machine, to create your drinks. Once the water tank is full, you simply adjust the dial according to the level on the pod, pop your mug underneath the head of the machine and press the button for either hot or cold water - it's that easy!

The variety of drinks pods is endless with everything from Espressos to Chai Tea Lattes and delicious Chocochinos! You can purchase a box of 16 pods for around £3.99 which can be ordered from the Dolce Gusto website or Amazon, which works out to just 25p per drink!

A Dolce Gusto machine is the perfect gift for any coffee connoisseur and has made my early mornings a little more bearable thanks to a velvety, caffeine-packed coffee at the touch of button.

*The Dolce Gusto Movenza was sent to me for review, but all words are my own. 


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