I cut all of my hair off

19 February, 2017
Lace top*: JOY (old)
Dress: Zara
Boots: Zara
Rucksack*: Eastpak

A couple of weeks ago I did something I thought I'd never do; I cut all of my hair off.

Well not all of it, but I did decided to rid of 6 inches of horrendously dry and broken ends. The years upon years of hair dye had undeniably taken a toll on my locks and it was time for us to finally part ways. I've spoken time and time again about my mission to grow out my hair as long as possible and my constant envy of my sister's naturally lengthy locks, but as much as I was willing my hair to grow it wasn't playing game.

A couple of days before my regular haircut I was sat in front of the mirror feeling frustrated with my hair; why would was it refusing to grow and why did it feel so dry despite how many overpriced hair oils I slathered it in? I was sick of it and I accepted my humble daydream of bohemian, waist length hair just was dead. My hair just isn't destined for mermaid locks, despite how hard I wished for it.

Admittedly the back of my neck is a lot colder than usual, but that just gives me an excuse to buy a new scarf!

I was recently sent this sassy, little leopard rucksack from the limited Eastpak x House of Hackney collection and I've been using it every single day since it arrived. I was in desperately need of a sensible and durable bag that can fit my cameras and laptop inside for city breaks (especially with my trip to Reykjavik fast approaching - yay!).  However, I've pretty much been using it daily for work and weekends anyway because the size is pretty generous considering how much stuff I carry around on a daily basis. Although it's a bit of a statement piece with the bold leopard print, I've still found it to be really easy to wear without much thought beforehand, which is great for lazy people like me!

I've been falling behind with blogging recently, but this week I've decided to pen a plan and schedule to get my posts back on track. I have so many posts and collaborations lined up and I'm looking forward to sharing some hopefully pretty great content!



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