Twelve Pictures To Prove That The 25hours Bikini Hotel is the Most Instagramable Hotel In Berlin

29 June, 2017

A few months back I visited Berlin for just over 24 hours with the CHAMÄLEON theatre and I stayed overnight at the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin located in the west of the city and is just a stone's throw from the Berlin zoo. Before we arrived in Berlin I didn't actually have the time to check out the hotel in advance, so I really had no idea what to expect. After a 2am wake-up call and many hours travelling from London to the German capital, I stumbled into the towering hotel in a bit of a daze and I can honestly say I was the best surprise, because the hotel is the most aesthetically delightful hotel that I've ever stayed in.

The hotel's design toys with the idea of blending nature and urban culture and is well known for its views over the Berlin zoo - you can actually see the monkeys from your hotel room if you're designated on the side of the hotel that overlooks the zoo! It's all well and good boasting just how beautiful the hotel was, so I'll leave you with ten photos which prove it may just be the most 'Instagramable' hotel in Berlin!

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

Your room comes with a hammock overlooking the zoo.

Yep. That's right. An actual hammock. Guess what?! It's actually ridiculously comfortable too, which meant I almost drifted off to sleep in the evening after a long day of running around the city. 

Even the cheeky cushions in the hotel are a flirt.

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

Who doesn't love a slogan cushion after all?

Expect breakfast with a view.

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin
25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

Breakfast is served on the very top (10th) floor with a 360 degree view of the city, which is the perfect remedy to overcome that hangover when teamed with the incredible breakfast buffet the hotel offers from its in-house NENI restaurant. The restaurant is well known for its blend of cuisines from Austrian to Moroccan with humble dishes served up in the pots they were cooked in. Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity or time to taste these dishes, but next time I'm in the city I definitely want to pop back to taste them for myself.

There's even more hammocks in the lobby.

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin
25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

After all, a hotel can never have enough hammocks, right?! If you ever get tired of hanging out in your room, there's tons of room to lounge around in the hobby with a coffee and a good read. The lobby is built to be a social area, as it's filled to the brim with seating, which makes a change from your usual hotel lobby that's just a few seats whilst you wait for your taxi or room to be ready!

There's plenty of Instagram worthy backdrops for your next outfit shot

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin
25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin Lounge
25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

From crawling ivy to photo montages to a tower block of retro speaks and records, there's a pretty decent set-up for all the Instagram shots you need before you leave the hotel. Is this the most shallow and typically millennial thing I've ever written, but let's face it - we all love a good backdrop for our #OOTD's before we head out to explore on a city trip, and 25hrs Bikini hotel has plenty o' backgrounds for you to choose from... go wild!

The entrance is oh so wonderfully 'overstated'.

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

The avant-garde, eclectic entrance to the hotel complete with a vintage car, suspended bike, animated artwork and a selection of greenery sets the tone of the hotel before you've even reached reception for check-in.

The hallways are pretty fantastic.

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

I mean, just look how awesome the hallways are too! As someone who is a sucker for snapping photos of every neon sign I see, I absolutely LOVED the dark hallways lit up only by these neon numbers. It's probably a bit of a health and safety hazard, but at least it looks pretty, eh?!
Find the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin:

Address: Budapester Strasse 40, 10787 Berlin
Closest S-Bahn: Zoologischer Garten


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  1. Oh man, this hotel looks LUSH! I'm sold purely because they have hammocks 😍​


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