Making Your Mark On A Rented Home With Desenio Prints

06 February, 2018

Living in rented accommodation means I'm pretty limited when it comes to styling up my personal space. I've inhabited four different rented properties over the past 8 years, including some pretty decent ones and some god bloody awful ones (one of my uni digs actually had a slug infestation, which probably explains my irrational fear of slugs) but with all of them it's been hard making it my own when you have to follow someone else's rules. I've always loved the idea of sprucing up somewhere with a few carefully selected framed prints but we all know that a couple of nails in the wall in a rented home would mean a pretty penny taken out of your deposit at the end of your tenancy!

When Desenio offered to send me a few of their incredible framed posters, I couldn't say 'no' despite knowing that I would be limited in how they were displayed. If you're a print fiend and haven't heard of Desenio yet, well, you'll fall head over heels for their products. They stock everything from motivational quotes to beautiful, intricate illustrations to breathtaking, striking photography, so they have plenty of options to suit whatever your decor taste is.

Every poster or print that they have for sale is available in a range of sizes to suit your needs and to make the purchasing process all the simpler, Desenio also offer the frames to fit the poster when you buy so you don't have the hassle of hunting down that perfect fit frame afterwards. I'm usually guilty of hurriedly purchasing prints without much thought and then never getting around to buying a frame for them so they end up sat in a drawer for months on end.

There are a few nails dotted around our flat that have been there since before we arrived so I did have the option to hang them there but they weren't quite laid out where I would want them to be, so I decided to see how the prints that I chose would work propped up against a feature wall instead.

Whilst browsing the website I knew I wanted a selection of their incredible natural landscape posters but there were just so many to choose from. After a couple of hours of careful consideration and wittling down around 30 or so open tabs, I ended up picking these rather moody two, which just sit together perfectly, don'tcha think?

Also, I wasn't leaving behind this mesmerising little full moon print that just so happens to uncannily match my arm tattoo and has now found a home perched beside my bedside lamp. 

If you fancy getting your paws on some new prints, Desenio have kindly offered my readers 25% off posters using the code: foxandfeather.  This is only valid between 6th - 8th February 2018 and isn't valid on handpicked-/collaboration posters and frames.


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  1. These are so pretty! I bought a moon print for the flat months ago, but still need to get a frame for it. Typical! xox

    Kelly |


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