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06 October, 2018

I'm lucky enough to be invited bi-annually to Berlin by the wonderful family over at the CHAMÄLEON Theatre to review their new shows. I've harked on about how much I adore the theatre and its home city of Berlin in my previous review posts so I'll refrain from gushing about it once again. I'll link to my previous reviews at the bottom of this post so you can read up a little more on the CHAMÄLEON Theatre as a venue as well as getting a feel for some of its previous shows.

The theatre's current spectacle is PEEPSHOW; a show curated by Australian company, Circa, who have been dubbed the "rockstars of the circus world". Circa are known to be the best of the best when it comes to contemporary circus and have even appeared at the CHAMÄLEON Theatre  a few times before in the past so my expectations of the show were pretty high. Over the course of the summer, PEEPSHOW was showcased at Underbelly Festival but the London show was just the foundations of the more developed and longer show that is currently showing in Berlin. I didn't get a chance to catch the London show and decided to consciously not do too much research beforehand so that it would be a total surprise on the evening.

PEEPSHOW'S concept, as you'd expect in the title, is to play with the act of looking, including some moments that may feel intimate and voyeuristic, but it also toys with the concept of what it's like to be also be looked at as a spectator. Throughout the show, as a member of the audience, you're very aware that the performers are also watching you as you are them. Whilst the of the title of the show may summon images of gritty, seedy strip clubs and red light districts, this PEEPSHOW is sexy, seductive, mesmerising and you'll find it impossible to tear away your gaze.

The show begins with a dark stage lit only by the striking neon sign reading "Peepshow", that is reminiscent of the neon lights that adorn the clubs in Soho and the Velvet Underground's "I'll Be Your Mirror" gently eases the audience into the show. Before you know it, the stage descends into chaos and the soundtrack speeds up and you'll find yourself not knowing where to peep! From here on out, it's a wild ride throughout the show, which has a prominent focus on the human body and what it's capable of achieving. The stage is simple and without distraction whilst the performers are stripped back to the bare minimum meaning the audience can witness every muscle twist and turn with every body contortion, every nail-biting aerial display and every twist and tumble.

The second act turns the show in a completely different direction transports the audience to a wildly, colourful, kaleidoscopic world as the performers return in dazzling sequin hot pants that uncannily match the silver sequin curtain on stage. The next instalment of the show is an incredibly high-energy, spellbinding performance where all seven of the artists come together to for a breathtaking finale.

The cast are well-rounded with some of the performers being more well-seasoned than others but despite their varied experience, they work seamlessly together to deliver a hypnotic show. Hula-hoop artist, Jessica Connell, was a particular highlight for me. Her bewitching on-stage charisma teamed with her effortlessly dancing with six hoops at once has the entire audience mesmerised and even left me inspired to take up hoop!

Another moment in the show that stuck out to me was Scott Grove gradually inflating his body with air to the point where his veins were popping and his muscles were bulging and for a moment I was genuinely terrified that he might explode.

PEEPSHOW captivates its audience, shifts your perception from being the watcher to the watched, pushes the human body to its limits and proves that a successful contemporary circus show doesn't need an overflow stage props, nor a complicated backdrop; all it needs are several accomplished, charismatic performers that enchant the audience with their nothing more than the extraordinary, disciplined display their bodies.

PEEPSHOW is showing at the CHAMÄLEON Theatre until February 2019 and tickets can be booked directly via the theatre's website here.

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Disclaimer: I was kindly invited to Berlin by Chamäleon Theatre to review the show but all words are my own. I really do love the Chamäleon Theatre and everything they create!


  1. I'd loved to go back to the Chamaleon, the show we saw was so good!

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  3. Oh wow this show looks absolutely amazing, what a treat to see it. Kaz

  4. What a fun and vibrant show. Lucky you getting an invite xx

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  6. Sounds like a great show. I missed out on going to review a show a year or so ago and I regret it so much x

  7. Shows like this are always heaps of fun! This one looks like it would be loved for all the family!

  8. It sounds like a very interesting show with a new take on how to get the audience captured and involved with the idea of toying audience and drawing them in with the acts and use of stage colours.

  9. Sounds like an interesting show! You cannot beat a trip to the theatre!


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