New Year's Resolutions: The 2012 edition

03 January, 2012

I know this is a little late coming as it's three days into the New Year, but I've been thinking long and hard about these resolutions in order to make ones that really matter. I decided to lose weight/get fit/drop a dress size are not an option for me as much as I would like that to happen. I do not enjoy exercise or going to the gym at all as I found out last year, so why should I spend £40 a month on something I don't actually enjoy? Also, I enjoy food far too much to care anymore & I've accepted the fact my bum is never getting any smaller. It's a year to make more realistic resolutions and if it really is the end of the world, I want to make them count...

My first and most important resolution is:

1.) Never look back.

This year is all about moving forward no matter what life or someone might throw at me. I'm sick of being held back by self doubt and I'm tired of a low self esteem and the people that may contribute to that. I seem to be the mentally weakest minded person I have ever known and I'm absolutely tired of that! My second resolution is to:

2.) Draw a hell of a lot more.

Yet another self-doubt issue. All year I have doubted my ability in drawing and my course choice of Illustration, but the more I draw the more I'll improve and actually start to produce drawings to be proud of. My tutor recently said something about how people seem to believe being able to draw is a talent you are born with, but it's not, it takes work and practice. The images featured in this blog post are sketchbook doodles from 2011 at some point. I plan to start showcasing my work on here a lot more, as well as my Tumblr account. My third resolution is:

3.) Read as many books as possible.

Over the past few years I seem to have lost my love for reading literature a replaced it with social networking, which is frankly pathetic! My new Kindle, which I received for Christmas should hopefully help with this. I already have a few books ready and waiting which I have downloaded. I'm also currently most of the way through "Looking For Alaska" by John Green. I find reading on a regular basis helps nurture my imagination and makes me much more creative in many different ways.

4.) Continue blogging

I may not be the best blogger in the world, but I've found it to help me express my creativity through another outlet and fuel my love for pretty clothes. I never want this blog to follow a particular blogging format but instead include a mixture of outfits, illustration, photography and DIY's. Your blog is supposed to represent you and personally my head is all over the place, so that's how I feel my blog should be! Afterall, it is a mental output of your creative juices, whatever they may be.

5.) Start saving for a flat in London.

Technically, it's a while off before I finish university (June 2013), however I want to start putting money aside every month even if it's as measly as £20, so I'm prepared to put down a deposit as soon as I am finished up in Southampton next year. Admittedly, I am horrendous with saving as I actually believe I have addiction to spending, but I want this so bad and I am determined to make it to London! Hopefully, I'll make some steady progress on these resolutions through the year.


  1. Great resolutions! Especially love the drawing and reading more ones :) x

  2. All good and all achievable! :)

  3. Great resolutions!

    Hope you had a wonderful New Year!

    Check out my blog for a review of V Nunes jewelry, thanks ;)

  4. The drawings are great! Lovely blog:) Happy new year
    Followed x

  5. Great resolutions of yours! I´d apply perfectly to myself the first 4!! Maybe I´ll try them too!! :)
    xoxo & Happy New Year!!

  6. Ahh I love your blog exactly how it is :).. I so need to do the first one too, just so hard when you've been like it for so long xxx


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