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01 January, 2012

Velvet Playsuit: Topshop Premium, £55, Platforms: H&M, £24.99

Happy New Year to all of my lovely and beautiful readers! I know I haven't been in the blogging game particularly long, but I've already got to know some of the most wonderful people through Fox Tales, so thank you! I plan to develop this blog long throughout 2012 along with some other cheeky little New Year's Resolutions. Last night, I went out to celebrate and wave goodbye to 2011 with some friends of mine. 2011 was a good year for me really, so I will be sad to see it go and I must admit 2012 is looking a little scary and uncertain at the moment, but who am I to turn down an excuse to drink?! It was lots of fun and we even had a sit down meal in an Indian Restaurant at like 3am. It was fascinating and had such a good vibe. I'll definitely be returning there on another drunken night out for a 3am chicken korma & pilau rice!

I got my mits on this little velvet playsuit a few months ago (I blogged about it here) and I had been saving it for my 21st birthday in a few weeks. However, unfortunately I didn't have the money to buy a new dress for NYE, so I debuted it last night! I suppose I now have to buy myself a new dress for my birthday! This playsuit is possibly my favourite item of clothing at the moment. You know when you try a dress on for the first time and you feel absolutely amazing in it? That's what this playsuit does to me! It looks far more expensive than it actually cost and feels so luxurious. It's a little big for me as it's a size 10, but they sold out almost instantly and I really couldn't leave it.

I've been living in my H&M platforms recently. When I'm wearing them I'm around 6 foot, because I'm quite tall anyway. I'm not sure if being so tall when I'm wearing them bothers me? In the fashion industry being tall is seen as a positive aspect for models and such, however other people seem to be generally freaked and put off by taller women. My boyfriend is a little over 6"4, so he's still always taller than me, but I'm still taller than most other men. What are your opinions on taller girls in heels?


  1. If you were really really tall like 6' anyway then wearing heels may look a little strange...but you're right...not in the fashion industry when surrounded by loads of other really tall beautiful people anyway! I don't find you scary when you wear heels don't worry! Haha x x

  2. Nice dress and go ahead and wear your heels, it doesn't really matter how tall you are or you get!
    Love the nice blue velvet dress!


  3. love the dress!


  4. Your playsuit is lovely, the colour is so bright and gorgeous - and on velvet, it's so nice. I've just started following you, your blog is amazing!

    I'm really tall for my age too, and with heels I'm about 6 foot, but I don't like being too tall. I'm so self concious so that's just me, but I think taller girls look good! Can pull off more clothing haha. It sometimes looks weird if all my/their friends are smaller but, I don't know haha. All I can say is I am, and I like it x

  5. Wow you look amazing! Love the velvet playsuit! I love the fact is blue and it goes so well with the colour of your hair that is looking pretty cool at the moment! Glad you had great night :) best wishes!

  6. You look so lovely! I really like this blue velvet dress!


  7. Your playsuit looks amazing when it catches the light! I'm 5"9 and am usually around 6ft when I wear heels and am generally the tallest girl at most parties or nightclubs! I tend to stick to around 4 inch heels mainly for comfort but also so I don't look freakishly tall haha! I'd never completely forgo my heels though, I'd feel so plain on nights out without them xx

  8. I totally understand how you feel when wearing heels. I’m 5’9 and with heels I feel like a giant. And I just get tired of people telling me how tall I am.
    Your playsuit is amazing. I saw a picture of you and your friends blog and I already commented there - velvet rocks!! :)

  9. I think taller girls should wear heels! god, I'm like 5'0 and I WISH I was as tall as someone like you. Holy shit, your boyfriend is 6'4... wow, I'd practically be a dwarf next to him. The outfit looks great btw, I just looove velvet. Oh and indian food is so good!

  10. SUCH a pretty dress. It's a litttle similar to the kind I wore on NYE and you're just gorgeous!

    I hope you have a happy birthday soon.


  11. How gorgeous do you look?! I love this color on you.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. the velvet playsuit is absoloutly stunning on you :) you look gorgeous :) i really wanted it but i coudlnt afford it, i really want it now. your hair is such a lovely colour too :) cute blog xx poppymale.blogspot.com

  13. love the velvet playsuit look amazing on you! x


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