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07 January, 2012

Trilby: £5, Warehouse, Cardigan: £50, Urban Outfitters, Crucifix Vest: Topshop, £22, Faux Leather Leggings: £15, New Look (had them around 4 years now)

So, my original intention today was to go to the library to continue with my ever exciting marketing essay. However, after hearing a few whispers here and there about student loans arriving into people's bank accounts a few days early, I decided to check mine (after a serious turnover of the flat looking for my secure debit card reader!). Hallelujah, my bank balance is looking reasonably healthy once again! The only way I saw fit to celebrate was to hit the shops and boy, did I go all out! To be fair, I haven't sales shopped at all over the past few weeks because I haven't had the money too, so it was long overdue! I even spent a whopping £26.50 on Estee Lauder's Double Wear Maximum Foundation, which still makes me wince a little. I'm hoping it lives up to the hype, because I have never spent so much on one item of make-up before #tomboy

I'm wearing my ever-loved Urban Outfitters cardigan along with a woven vest I picked up from Topshop last week with one of the giftcards I received for Christmas. I do love anything with a crucifix I must admit, and I love the way this vest is thickly woven. I've had these leggings since I was around 17 when the horrid wet look PVC legging trend went around that I must admit I was a part of *cringe*. However, these leggings have gradually become more distressed and patchy over the years and it looks intentional. People are constantly asking me where I bought them from, now they're looking more vintage leather than fetish PVC.

Last week, my boyfriend bought me these gorgeous brown suede and sheepskin military boots from AllSaints. I've wanted the sheepskin Sarena Doc Marten boots for a while now, but I prefer these ones so much more. Also, I'm hoping to get the burgundy Doc Marten's and I really should keep my DM collection limited! I've never, ever been a fan of Ugg's or other sheepskin boots - I don't understand the fad around them at all, because frankly I think they're just plain ugly and instantly make an outfit look trashy. At my last job I had to sell Ugg boots, so I know how awful and not worth the money they actually are (not that I'd tell customers that). However, despite my hatred for Uggs and the cheap rip-offs, I have always been envious of how comfortable the girls that wear them must be with the soft sheepskin lining when I'm tottering around in narrow, pointy boots. These AllSaints sheepskin beauties are my answer to Uggs.


  1. I totally agree with you! about sheepskin boots or uggs both are ugly ugly and for me when people wear them they look like clones with no style and like you said trashy. DM are far way better! I love your allsaints boots! If I had the money I will buy Allsaints all the time for me one of the best shops! :)

  2. Love the boots! Great blog:)

  3. love the allsaints boots!


  4. Those boots are gorgeous! I love them!

  5. Love this look, I was swithering over whether or not to buy that best.. wish I had now! Love the boots too xx


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