A Look Into My Janaury Sales Shopping Bags

08 January, 2012

L-R: Fox toy, Tangle Teezer, Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Finishing Cream, Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Foundation

If you read my previous blog post you would have learned that yesterday I went on an epic shopping spree as soon as my loan was delivered into my bank account. I hadn't been sales shopping at all, so I was making up for lost time! As you may have guessed from my blog title I have a certain love for foxes and collect everything I see with a fox on, hence the reason I picked up this little guy (only £1.99). I'm a sucker for a soft toy, so I just couldn't help myself. He's adorable! I picked up this Tangle Teezer from Boots, as I'd heard good reviews on it. I must admit, after using it only twice since I've bought it, it's an absolute must-have for anyone with long hair! I don't brush my hair that frequently because it's naturally wavy and tousled, so when I do it's an absolute nightmare. However, after using this on my wet hair this morning it was absolutely pain-free and didn't pull out half as much hair as my normal hairbrush usually does. I highly recommend this if you have shoulder length or beyond hair and it's only £10, which is the price of a normal decent hairbrush. I use all of the other products from the Tousle Me Softly range including the shampoo, conditioner and intensive conditioner, because I have naturally wavy hair. I'm hoping this will define the waves a little more rather than the bird's nest I currently sport on the top of my head.

Estee Lauder's Double Wear Maximum Foundation has been on my mind for a while. I suffer from monthly outbreaks around my chin area and it really depresses me, because I feel like I shouldn't be getting spots at the age of 21. I never had spots as a teenager though, so I suppose it's caught up on me. The woman at the counter was dubious about selling this to me (needless to say I was having a good skin day), because it is like stage make-up and is designed to camouflage scars and tattoos. I don't intend to use it on an everyday basis, nor all over my face, but to simply use it areas which are spot-prone. It's pretty pricey also, which will stop me using it all at once!

Pink Brogue Boots: Office, £16

These boots were an absolute bargain in the Office sale reduced from £88 to just £16. I tried them on without even looking at the size because I loved them so much and my feet did fit into them. They're actually a size 3! However, they're a little narrow but they're real leather so they'll soften up and stretch in no time once I've worn them around the flat a bit.

Oversized Leather Clutch: Urban Outfitters, £7.50, Jewellery: Topshop, £2.50 each, Crucifix Beaded Skirt: Topshop, £36

This clutch bag is absolutely massive and was in the sale for only £10 at Urban Outfitters, but my staff discount brought it down a little cheaper too. I'm contemplating using it as a wash bag because it's the perfect size. However, I'm always stuck in a rut on a night out because I never have a bag big enough to carry one of my lomography cameras with me. Now I do! As it's plain black it'll go with almost anything too! The Topshop jewellery was just too cheap to pass up. The skirt I have been lusting after forever and it was on my Christmas list. However, it seemed to have sold out everywhere and only size 16's were left on the rail of my local Topshop. I had completely given up hope, until I was browsing through the Debenham's concession yesterday and low and behold there on the "Last Chance To Buy" rail was my perfect skirt in a size 8! I snapped it up instantly for fear of losing it again.

Metallic Oversize Dress: Zara, £15.99, Pink Foil Top: River Island, £15, Gold Foil Skater Dress: Topshop, £18, Snake Print Tie Blouse: New Look, £5, Batwing Chiffon Tribal Top: New Look, £19.99

As you can see I have a bit of a metallic theme running through my purchases. I love how a little bit of metallic can add to a dark outfit, it gives it a slightly 80's edge. Plus, it's a nice way of dressing up a day time outfit. This oversized bronze and silver dress from Zara is absolutely amazing when it's on. I'm considering saving it to wear for my birthday because I love how it swamps the figure. I can't wait to wear it with my black trilby. Topshop actually have almost exactly the same top in their store as this pink one but for double the price. I'd been contemplating the Topshop version but £30 seemed like a little too much money so I was over-the-moon when I saw River Island had their own version in the sale. This top is actually a size 16, but it's rather small for a size 16 and I tend to wear everything oversized. It has a beautiful mermaid look and feel to it! The gold foil dress isn't something I'd usually pick but it surprised me how nice it looked when it was actually on. I think I'll pair it with a thick knit cardy to dress it down at some point.

I've never bought anything with snakeskin print before. It's always been a little too "daring" for me compared to leopard print. However, I've agreed to a wardrobe makeover this year to try and reflect Mary-Kate Olsen, as I admire her style over anyone else. This means lots of layering and textures, so I'm introducing a little monochrome snakeskin. This second chiffon top is also from New Look and was still full-priced. I love the fiery colours and if anything has a Florence-esque batwing, I'm there! I was actually thinking of the upcoming festival season when I bought this, even though there is no Glastonbury this year. On a day-to-day basis, it should look divine with some leather trousers!

Aztec Wool Cape: New Look, £12, Paisley Flock, Fringed Cape: Minkpink @ Urban Outfitters, £30, Black Riding Pants: Urban Outfitters, £20

This Aztec Cape was reduced in the sale from £40 to just £12, which I was so excited about because I wanted it whilst it was full priced. It's so thick and warm, but a little on the big side which actually makes it cozier. Once again, I bought this with festival season in mind when sitting round the campfire. I'm an eager beaver as festival season is 6 months away, afterall! This paisley cape by Austrailian label Minkpink had been staring at me at work for a while now, but I could not splash out the original price £85, even with my discount on top. However, it went into the sale last week for only £40 and I used my employee discount on top of that which brought it down to £30. It's such a beautiful one-off item and channels Mary-Kate so well! I love how my arms are so pale in these photographs they blend into the white wall behind me. Finally, after all this time the American Apparel riding pants have gained a cheaper competitor. The American Apparel riding pants retail at £60, which is frankly ridiculous for what are in fact just a pair of thick, high-waisted leggings. Urban Outfitters have introduced their own almost-identical version for just £32. They're quite hard to photograph without them looking just like plain black leggings, but they have the shiny surface that the AA ones do and they're thick enough to work as trousers without that trashy too short t-shirt with leggings look. My employee discount brought them down to just under £20 too, which is only a third of the price of the AA ones!

I also bought the dress by Evil Twin last night from ASOS. More crucifixes, I know! I just can't help myself. Goff, forever! Evil Twin, another Austrailian based label, are another one of my favourite designers to date. You can view their complete collection here. I'm excited for it to arrive now, but ASOS orders always take forever!


  1. After your mini review on the tangle teaser, I'm definitely going to be purchasing that! I have the same natural wavy hair so it's rare I give my hair a thourough brush.

    I love all the clothes you bought, all so nice! The Topshop earrings are lovely, and I also love that skirt with the crosses on. And big slouchy knits are always a win - and for £12 you can't lose! (no pun intended there aha) x

  2. Ah yay you got the lovely Evil twin dress! I was going to purchase that gold skater dress in the Topshop in Debenhams but couldn't be bothered to try it on...lazy I know...but it will look better on you anyway! Love the cross two finger ring to xxx

  3. I love Evil twin, was in two minds about that dress myself ha suchh a beaut!!! Ohhhh I love all your buys.. Miss shopping trips like this so muchh xx

  4. i love your ring

  5. you managed to get some amazing stuff. I was also surprised you had problems buying the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, as the women in the John Lewis I went to tried to convince me to buy two as it was on special offer when I got it.

    It was still around £20 so not cheap enough for me to throw more money at her lol, its a nice product but as you say not something to use everyday.

    CJW x

  6. I bought a tangle teezer recently too, my hair has been getting so matted and this has really sorted it out. Love the Topshop jewellery and the skirt, I wish there was Topshop in Winchester! xx

  7. Oh my goodness hun. TOTALLY swooning over your acquisitions! Loving the opyramid drops, lurex infused garments and gorgeous chaotic prints! GAH, love them! Also, despite having short hair I can completely empathise with getting it tangled. Ill certainly look at acquiring that product too =)


  8. Just bought that cross ring in gold ;)
    all beautiful and your blog is stunning, very original! love it

    now following :)
    elissex.blogspot.com xx

  9. WOAH, girl, you really did go on a crazy shopping spree! haha. The pink shoes are SOOO amazing! I'd totally wear those if I was a tall girl. Btw, I feel your pain, I get break outs and I'm 21 as well! Like wtf, ISN'T IT SUPPOSED TO BE OVER NOW?! you should try the pink grapefruit Neutrogena face wash, it's the only one that seems to make a difference for me and Givenchy's foundation is REALLY good. Quite good coverage without being too heavy.

  10. That skirt is gorgeous! I want one! Also the earrings are gorgeous :) I love your blog! xx


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