SS12 Acid Brights

09 January, 2012

I'm not one for the upcoming SS12 pastel palette trend. The candy colours are far too sickly and girly to suit me, and pastels just wash me out completely because I have such pale skin. I've decided to work the spring/summer palette in a different way and a little louder than the muted, ice cream coloured pastels. I've always been drawn to psychedelia and acid-infused design and it's reflected pretty strongly in my illustration work, so now I've decided to branch out and bring it into my wardrobe! Think swirling 70's inspired psychedelia, mixed with the colours of a mermaid's hair, blended with 90's rave and a unicorn thrown in just for fun! Just be careful to avoid looking like a 15 year-old "nu-rave" kid that has discovered Hadouken! for the first time. This is a bold move for a girl who usually sticks to black or burgundy.

Luckily, the high street is bursting with 90's rave inspired neons and tie dyes, although pastels still seem to be dominating. I've composed a few of my favourite picks that I've seen whilst browsing above. I tried on the Topshop ombre jumper and I am absolutely in love with it, but I think £42 is a little too much money for something I could chance across in a charity shop. I am very tempted to go back and get it though, I must admit! The pink lace dress wouldn't particularly suit me as I don't work well in bodycon, but the colour is absolutely amazing and as close to looking like a beautiful mermaid as you can get!

I'm definitely going to pick up the bright orange beanie as I think it'll look amazing with an all black outfit and for £12 you really can't go wrong! The bubblegum pink creepers are absolutely to die for and if I could convince myself that it's worth owning two pairs of creepers I would definitely have them as a summer alternative to my black pair.

If you're not brave enough to go all out in these head-turning and ever-so-slightly blinding colours but want to take a part in the trend keep it subtle with neon nails by Model's Own. Model's Own have an amazing selection of bright and beautiful colours and I've found stay chip-free for ages. 19398239832043040 x better than Barry M! The Neon Trio featured above is available at ASOS for a special price of £12 instead of £15. I can't wait to start introducing some colour into my wardrobe, finally! I bought a vintage Levis denim jacket for £1 today, so I'm planning to dye it bright pink and punch some studs into it to kickstart my SS12 wardrobe!

Gifs taken from Tumblr, predictably.


  1. I know I'm totally not one for the pastel colours either! I love what you've picked out and exaggerated the colours, the maxi skirt is lovely! And the playsuit will be perfect for summer. Can't believe we're talking summer in January, wow ahaha x

  2. I don't think I'll be joining in with this trend...I don't think any colours suit my hair any more!! I'm destined for black, grey, navy and dark reds...maybe a rust or brown here or there x x

  3. i like pastels but i love these colours too! especially the pink dress!

  4. love these colours, really like the topshop jumper too xx

  5. Love these colours! They remind us of sherbet or some kind of sweet! JS x

  6. These creepers are awesome. This spring I'm definitely getting some creepers! They look so comfy!
    I'm loving all these colours, I'm going to have to tested away from my usual grey and khaki haha


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