O U T F I T | Nike Roshe Runs

17 May, 2014

Jumper: Zara
Skirt*: c/o Matalan
Nike Roshe Runs: Office

As as child I was a complete and utter tomboy. I lived in sportwear. I played football and rugby, spent my evenings after school skateboarding and collected toy cars over Barbies. Also, I had a pixie crop for half of my childhood (partly down to the fact my hair refused to grow, just like it does now!). I didn't start wearing make-up or showing a hint of femininity until quite late. I think I was around 15 years old when I stabbed myself in the eye as I applied mascara for the first time, which is really late when you're growing up in a school in Essex. Believe me. In fact, until that moment I wouldn't be surprised if I was a little boy during my childhood. Although I'm not the world's best girl now (I still for the life of me cannot use a curling iron! WHAT IS THIS COMPLICATED WIZARDRY?!), I've definitely come a long way.

In fact, I would say although my style can sometimes be a little garish it still remains feminine as I tend to live in vintage dresses. However, recently I've found myself drawn to trainers. Maybe it's down to a boyfriend obsessed with footwear. I don't know. I've been debating a pair of Nike Roshe Runs for a while as they're my favourite and pretty affordable compared to other Nike trainers at around the £70 mark. When I saw these Office exclusive fade effect ones I knew I couldn't hold back any longer and gave in to buying them. As I'm used to living in boots, stepping back into trainers feels heavenly. Wearing them is like walking on pillows! I've got my eyes now on a second pair from Office too. Whoops!

The only problem I faced is what to style them with in my wardrobe! Afterall, they're not exactly suited to paisley dresses and fedoras. This organza pencil skirt I picked up with a voucher Matalan that came in the goodie bag from the Voucher Codes Swap Shop Event. It's identical to one sold in Zara that I was desperate to get my paws on, but Matalan's version is not only longer but a fair bit cheaper too! The marble effect sweater is however something I couldn't resist from Zara. It's made from the softest scuba type material and although it's bit big I absolutely adore it!



  1. love this look sosos much! The cracked sweatshirt is so great and I'm loving your trainers!!! x

  2. Gorgeous Leigh, I adore your jumper x


  3. So in love with your trainers, love em paired with that skirt to! I also find it impossible to use curling irons ;-) xx


  4. trainers and skirts <3

    Love that skirt was eyeing it up this week x

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  6. Perfect outfit, the jumper is amazing and that skirt is adorable. I haven't checked out matalan for a while now, I may go take a little look x

  7. I love your blog Leigh - just followed! ♥ You look gorgeous!
    Would love if you checked out my blog sometime too so we can stay in touch!


  8. I am not the worlds biggest trainer fan but they are amazing, you look fab xx


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