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21 June, 2014

Top*: c/o Fashion Union
Hat: Charity Shop
Jeans*: c/o Desire Clothing
Shoes*: c/o Desire Clothing
Bag: Urban Outfitters (old)
Watch*: c/o Olivia Burton

I've gone a bit 'crochet crazy' recently! The number of crochet items I've bought over the past month is a little excessive. I've even starting teaching myself to crochet so I can start making myself little crochet tops. This top from Fashion Union is the peak of my collection! I've even doubled up on the crochet craziness with a little custom made rainbow, crochet bralet underneath. DOUBLE CROCHET! Fashion Union have always been an online favourite for affordable pieces and I'm currently swooning over their their festival edit.

I've wanted a pair of white Topshop Joni jeans for a while, but this pair from Desire Clothing are the perfect dupe and are half the price! I'm not usually a fan of jeans as I'm not usually a fan of anything that clings and exaggerates my lower half, but hey-ho! You can pick them up here. Today is my last ever shift at work and tomorrow I start moving my stuff back to London before fully moving next weekend. I'm actually really devestated right now.



  1. love this look, you look so beauts xx

  2. Stunning, i adore your bag Leigh x


  3. Amazing top. I went through a crochet thing last summer but I kept getting things caught on my piercings ha ha you look great you 100% suit crochet.

  4. Sweet pictures and a great look - amazing watch! :)

    Auf Wolke 3

  5. wahh Leigh, why you always manage to look so cool and beautiful?
    hope your last night in Southampton was OK! sending you a big hug x

  6. Ugh that watch is amazing! I need! <3

    jasminechi.blogspot.com x


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