P R E S S D A Y | Free People '14

18 June, 2014

Last week I was invited along to Free People's first ever UK press day held in their incredible West London showroom. If you don't know who Free People are, here's a little rundown for you. Free People are actually Urban Outfitters' and Anthropologie's sister company and originated in West Philadephia in the 1970's. In their own mission statement they declare that their customer is 'a 26-year-old girl, smart, creative, confident and comfortable in all aspects of her being, free and adventurous, sweet to tough to tomboy to romantic. A girl who likes to keep busy and push life to its limits, with traveling and hanging out and everything in between. Who loves Donovan as much as she loves The Dears, and can't resist petting any dog that passes her by on the street.' It's clear from their garments that they still take a large proportion of inspiration from their seventies roots as their collections are always a bohemian, festival fantasy with beautiful white, crochet dresses and oversized flowing smocks.

Now Free People have been a firm favourite brand of mine for years now, but sadly their presence has more or less always been focused over in the States. However, last year they launched their UK website for the first time and now I'm eagerly awaiting an opening of their first store so I can hopefully worm my way into a job there! Their showroom itself was an aesthetic delight as it all appears to be naturally lit with plants dotted around the room and a patchwork shrine above their lounging sofa. I could have easily set up camp and lived there happily for the rest of my days. Their press day delivered both their current high summer collection and the upcoming AW'14 pieces and neither failed to impress as there wasn't a single piece I didn't not want to take home with me! A couple of favourite pieces was a cream shaggy faux fur jacket a la Penny Lane that was on one of the mannequins and a beautiful, powder blue, embroidered maxi kaftan. I took home a few pieces from their gifting suite, which I just cannot wait to share with you!



  1. I'm beyond jealous! I love Free People. They're stores in New York are amazing!

    Emma x

  2. Lovely lovely photos!



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