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12 February, 2015

TIGI Root Boost*: c/o Hair Trade

Unfortunately I was born with the bad hair genes in my family. Both my mother and my sister are blessed with thick, luscious locks whilst I was left with this lifeless, flat excuse for hair on top of my head. My sister's hair seriously grows at the rate of a couple of inches a month; it's sickening. WHAT IS THIS MERMAID GIFT SHE WAS BORN WITH AND WHY DON'T I POSSESS IT?!

I actually had my hair cut a few weeks ago, which you may or may not have seen over on my Instagram, and I welcomed the full fringe back into my life. If you've followed my blog since back in the day you'll know I sported a Florence Welch inspired style colour and cut for quite a number of years. My hair has well and truly taken a step back in time.

Despite having bitterly accepted my unfortunate fine, flat hair, since I've had my hair cut it's regained it's 'bounce' and has started looking a lot thicker. However, it can still use some help from time to time, so I was pretty chuffed when HairTrade sent me the potential remedy to all of my barnet woes and worries.

TIGI products are known to be pretty fucking awesome. On top of that every TIGI product I come across smells pretty damn delicious too. Their Root Boost Spray is no exception as it is made with a blend of almond oil and lavender. Also, don't be fooled by the term spray as this product is really more of a 'mousse' as it has a foam consistency that is better to spray into your hand rather than spraying directly onto your head.

The instructions supplied with the bottle advise you to apply to the roots and then blow dry your hair for dramatic volume. However, I never really blow-dry my hair as I end up looking like a frazzled chipmunk that has just made contact with an electric fence. So, when using it after I've styled my hair (aka. run a brush through it if I'm feeling fancy) I simply spray a small amount into my hand before scrunching into my roots and then repeat if I desire a little more volume.

Please note the following GIF for a visual reference in how to apply the Root Boost Spray in which it appears I am performing some sort of chicken mating ritual dance:

...AND VOILÀ! Hello lion's mane hurrrr.

I'm pretty fond of this Root Boost Spray for giving the illusion that I have at least three times the amount of hair than I actually do possess on my head. Best of all, this spray doesn't leave any stickiness on your hair like other sprays and doesn't weigh your hair down. When using a lot of other volume enhancing sprays or potions I find I cannot wait to wash it out of my hair as soon as I've applied it, but that's not the case with this particular spray.

Also, if you head over to HairTrade they have it on offer for half of the RRP price right now!



  1. Your hair looks so lush Leigh!

  2. Your hair looks amazing! I have the curse of flat hair, limp hair as well, will have to give this a go!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I cannot recommend this little can of goodness enough! I'm no beauty blogger but it's bloody marvellous! ♥

  3. Incredible volume, I will have to look out for this product x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  4. I might have to invest in this, my hair - after a healthy cut of dead bits from the end - is pretty lifeless and thin. This might be perfect for me.

    Kirsty x - hellozelda.com

  5. wow this really adds some volume! i need to try this!!

    Aine Oh

  6. Woahhh, I need this product in my life!! xx


  7. definitely going to have to give this a go! love your style.



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