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18 February, 2015

Looq Selfie Stick*: c/o Casehut

Love it or loathe it, we're part of the selfie stick generation. It's possibly the most narcissistic invention of our time during this digital age yet they're absolutely bloody genius, especially if you're a blogger. Fellow bloggers will know we spend a considerable amount of time taking photos of ourselves. Theres' no denying that.

Also, every blogger will know the pain of not being able to fit everything you want in the frame when using your smartphone and instead we end up with a big, close-up moon face on Instagram (well I do anyway...), which is where the selfie stick has become an absolute necessity; it's finally possibly to fit an entire outfit in a frame without nagging your other half every other day to take a photo for you.

Casehut were kind enough to send me their Looq Selfie Stick (available here) to review. Now, this is my first ever experience with a selfie stick. I had no idea as to how they worked. I actually believed (true story) that you would press a button which would trigger a lever to touch the shutter button on the iPhone's screen... none of this hi-tech bluetooth nonsense! Now, with the Looq selfie stick it actually works via your headphone jack, which you plug into your phone. Easy peasey, lemon squeezy.

It folds down into a nice, little, compact size which is perfect to pop in your handbag and extends a fair distance, which is perfect for nailing group shots. It has an adjustable component in where you can change the size to suit whatever model of phone you have. It fits my iPhone 6 a treat and can extend a little further still!

Not only are selfie sticks damn handy for taking shots of yourself, but it's really handy to have one if you're taking flat lays or product shots from a bird's eye view. That right, no more awkwardly reaching over the table to snap your lunch at Five Guys!

The only cons I have about this selfie stick is that you have to download the Looq app to actually take the photos with the selfie stick, rather than being able to use the inbuilt camera. I like to keep my apps to a minimum as I only have a 16 GB model, so found it a little annoying that I had to download another unnecessary camera to use the selfie stick. The app itself is also a little annoying as I've had a few problems with focus, but I'm hoping this is something they will fix with app updates in the future.

Have you got a selfie stick? Are you anti or pro-selfie stick?

Sssh, but I think I'm a convert.



  1. It sounds great apart from the app you have to download - I also like to keep my apps to a minimum x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. I secretly really really want a selfie stick!

    Aine Oh

  3. Hahah, selfie sticks are also a thing in Europe now?

  4. Ha I thought there was a little button on it too. I feel like a poor excuse for a blogger in that I've never indulged in a selfie taken with a stick.



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