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18 September, 2015
Glamoriser Portable Style Straighteners
Glamoriser Portable Stylers*: HQ Hair

It should have become pretty obvious by now that I love a festival. Also, I love to dress up at festivals: fancy dress, hair, make-up... the whole shebang! Maintaining my hair at a festival can be an absolute nightmare though, I tell you. The majority of it tends to form into this wavey, matted mess, which I can deal with.... but, my fringe - OH MY FRINGE - is an absolute pain in the backside! If there's one part of my hair that always needs taming to stop it looking ridiculous, it's my fringe. After sleeping on it at night, it decides to form some sort of ski slope quiff. I'm a sight for sore eyes in the morning, don'tcha know?!

When HQ Hair offered me the chance to review their Glamoriser Portable Freestyler I don't think I could have been more eager. It seemed like all the answer to my festival fringe problems. I've seen gas operated straighteners for camping in the past, but they've never appealed to me as they're just too much FAFF! I can't be bothered to buy the replacement gas cannisters - I'm lazy, okay?! The Glamoriser stylers however are run on a rechargeable battery, which you charge for a few hours before using. From each charge you get around 40 minutes of power, which is perfect for a weekend away.

Luckily the stylers came just before my weekend at V Festival so I was able to put them to the test in the perfect environment. I did have doubts about how high the temperature would rise, but they actually reach up to an impressive 200 degrees. They also have a lower setting if you would prefer not to use such intense heat on your hair. I can't fault them at all as they did exactly what I need at V Festival and kept my fringe looking pretty swish!

The stylers are a perfect size to throw into your handbag as they come with a little, sparkly, heatproof case meaning you can put them away instantly rather than waiting for them to cool down. Due to the size alone, I would say they're probably not suited to people with thicker hair but they're the perfect tool for hair touch-ups on the go!

Even though these stylers have become a festival essential for me, they've also found a permanent home in my handbag. If I'm ever caught out in the rain or wind, I've got them on hand with me at all times.

Find the Glamoriser Freestyler here at £69.99.


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