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10 January, 2016
The Hippie Shake VintageThe Hippie Shake Vintage
Dress*: The Hippie Shake // Hat: Boot Sale // Velvet Scarf: Zara // Belt*: Beyond Retro // Jacket*: Beyond Retro // Boots: New Look (old) // Rucksack: New Look (old) 

After a month of avoiding it, I've shot a new outfit post - oh yeaaahhhh!

 I decided to give myself a kick up the backside (and a kick up James' to act as photographer) and get back in front of the camera. As I've mentioned previously, I've been battling a few self-esteem demons that have kept me from wanting to have my photo taken. However, I strongly believe we should do at least one thing that scares us every single week; this week it was having my photo taken in a public place.

 Annoyingly just as we were about to leave, the heavens opened and we had a sudden downpour of rain and hailstones. Luckily they stopped around an hour before sunset when we managed to snap these photos. I cannot wait until the spring when the days start getting a little longer, so all of this blog shooting before it's too dark malarkey is a bit easier.

 Just before Christmas a surprise package arrived at my doorstep from The Hippie Shake. Inside was this seventies, mid-length, paisley dress and a wonderful crochet waistcoat. The Hippie Shake, an online emporium of 70's and bohemian vintage, is the creation of super babe Naomi from Two Shoes, One Pair. She pretty much has my style down to a tee, so I was over the moon with both pieces when I unwrapped them.

If you're a fellow seventies soul sista, head on over to The Hippie Shake! I take no responsibility for you spending all of this month's savings though.

The Hippie Shake Vintage



  1. I absolutely love this outfit <3 Your dress is amazing x http://stylepeaches.blogspot.co.uk

  2. love this outfit! didnt know two shoes had a lil shop, will have to take a look! :) glad to hear your back, outfit posts r mega hard to do in winter, am glad you've batteled your demons also! have missed seeing ur fab style! x http://sarahinwonderlust.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/sunday-girl.html

    1. Eee, thank you! They're so, so hard to keep up with in the winter months with the lack of daylight and the endless rain. We have to seize every little bit of sun whilst we can! xx

  3. Love this outfit, especially the bow detail. You're lovely :)


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