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05 January, 2016
Vintage 70's Style Victoria Park London
Vintage 70's Style
Photography: KIP Photography

Last month whilst I was visiting London for the festive period I shot some outfit photos with the wonderfully talented Kit. I've put off shooting outfits as of lately, even though personal style is the predominant focus of this entire blog,  but it's simply down to a huge lack of self-esteem. Moving forward into 2016, self-esteem issues are something I am trying my upmost best to defeat. 

I wanted to make a point to shoot an outfit that wasn't at all sponsored. When I first started Fox & Feather (back then it was known as Fox Tales) it was filled with my passion for vintage and ethical thrifted styling. I would post outfit combinations that were head-to-toe charity shop finds or would talk through my recent vintage discoveries. To this day, I still buy the majority of my clothing from secondhand shops and a large percentage of my wardrobe is true vintage. Nowadays it can get a little overwhelming looking at that 'to blog' pile in the corner of the room. Of course, I still make sure every brand I work with is suited to my style and I am beyond the realms of grateful for every opportunity I am thrown. Like so, SO grateful. I just feel sometimes the heart and soul of this blog gets lost a little somewhere along the way as I don't seem to be able to find the time to shoot outfits I adore that I've bought myself between the deadlines. 

This entire outfit and blog post is not for a brand or is in no way sponsored. I shot it simply because I really, really loved my new 70's vintage dress that I had just purchased from Waiste Vintage. I suppose you could call me hypocritical, as the boots were actually gifted to me many years ago by a brand called DUO Boots who cease to exist nowadays, but I genuinely adore them and have worn them to death since they arrived. The tan, suede, fringed duster length jacket was from a flea market in Amsterdam and only cost me around €30! Amsterdam is a hub of vintage hot spots, which is one of the reasons I'm desperate to go back with an empty suitcase. It could be said I have one too many fringed, suede jackets but I can never stop myself picking out a new one.

This 2016, as well as creating some wonderful relationships and collaborations with brands, I also intend to paint Fox & Feather with ideas inspired by it's beginnings. Let's think charity shop hauls, secondhand shopping tips, vintage alterations, retro living, vintage styling and anything else that may come to mind! 

What do you think?

Vintage 70's Style
Vintage 70's Style
Vintage 70's Style



  1. WOW! You look stunning Leigh - that dress is perfection!
    A Story of a Girl

  2. I adore this outfit, it's so lovely! Though I think there's nothing wrong with sponsored posts/posting about things that have been sent to you, I'm very interested in posts about vintage pieces as well. I can't wait to see these new ideas!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

    1. I totally agree with you. There's nothing wrong with it at all, but I think it's important to find the time to create content entirely from your own back and your own found passion. For me, that's vintage and secondhand shopping! :) Here's to 2016!

  3. Such a cool and colourful look! Love your btw <3


  4. I love the idea of seeing more vintage/thrifted looks! I never take style posts literally or shop the look, but use it as a guide like "Hmm, that's a cool silhouette." And being lucky enough to live in Brooklyn, I'm surrounded by great vintage shops! I'm the way with sundresses that you are with fringed coats - I have so many great summer dresses, but I'll always buy another paisley empire-waisted cotton sundress if I see one on the rack! Found you through #TheGirlGang on Twitter! meghansara.com


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