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30 January, 2016
Ziggy Stardust Vintage Outfit Photobooth
Rough Trade East on Brick Lane
Ziggy Stardust Vintage Outfit in Rough Trade, Brick Lane
Ziggy Stardust Vintage Outfit in Rough Trade, Brick Lane
Photography: Fordtography

Last week it was my 25th birthday, so I headed back home to East London for a few days to indulge in excessive drinking, eating and vintage shopping. Every time I'm in London I like to take advantage of the endless vintage and record shops that line the streets. In Southampton, despite being a relatively cultural and creative city, unfortunately there's not much of a vintage scene.

One of my favourite vintage haunts to visit when I'm at home is Brick Lane. Maybe it's because I'm an East London native, but I just prefer Brick Lane's vintage offerings to that of West London's Portobello Road. Also, the fact it's a fifteen minute train journey from home helps factor in that favouritism too! 

Last Saturday I met for coffee, catch up and photos with the lovely blogger/photographer wonder woman, Kaye. We originally met at the European Bartending School cocktail masterclass last month (more on that incredible event soon!), stayed in touch and decided to shoot an outfit whilst I was back in the city.

We met inside Rough Trade, which is located on Dray Walk, Brick Lane. To change up the regular uniform outfit post, we decided to shoot inside the store whilst window shopping through it's diverse and extensive record collection.

This outfit was subconsciously inspired by Bowie. I was so, so unbelievably torn up when I was awoken on the day of his death earlier this month. Bowie has always been both a fashion and music muse to me. His ever-changing identity throughout his career and show stopping outfits have definitely played a part in my own style identity despite the likes of Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane being way before my time on earth.

This particular vintage, trophy, sequin, celestial jacket that I picked up on Depop last year is something I feel Bowie would definitely approve of. Sometimes if you're lucky you may spot a striking vintage piece amongst a sea of shoulder pads and granny floral tea dresses. This jacket was one of those pieces that will always remain an absolute favourite of mine and I will show it off as a proud achievement much like a trophy. I'll still be rocking it well into my sixties! It just so happens that my ASOS Reward boots match my dream jacket almost perfectly.

Have you been to Brick Lane before? If so, what are your favourite spots?

Ziggy Stardust Vintage Outfit in Rough Trade, Brick Lane
Ziggy Stardust Vintage Outfit in Rough Trade, Brick Lane



  1. Golly golly gosh Leigh! You look incredible, that jacket is beyond dreamy! Sounds like you had a fab birthday too! x


  2. Firstly, happy 25th birthday! I hope it was a good one. I am so jealous that when you're in your home town you have amazing places like this to explore. The outfit is incredibly cool & it's a great nod to the late Bowie.
    Bee | QueenBeady.com

  3. Predictably, my favourite part of going to Brick Lane is the bagel shop! I love the big trousers!

  4. This is such a dreamy post! This entire outfit is flawless!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  5. Great outfit! That jacket is so cool.
    Also hope you had an amazing birthday. :)

  6. How cute is that jacket!? Honestly I love your style, I could never get away with wearing such cool clothes. I'm a boring skinny jeans and shirt kind of girl! Can't believe you found the jacket on Depop either - such a good find!


  7. I must say I have never really been to Brick lane before, but I love the way you have laid out your photoset :) It's absolutely beautiful outfit put together and wonderful photography :)

  8. That jacket is amazing! You have great style :D

  9. Fab post lovely images a real pleasure to read k X

  10. Omg I need that jacket in my life it is fabulous!


  11. A late happy birthday to you! I think Bowie would 100% approved with your fashion choice it's such a gorgeous jacket. If you are ever looking for a vintage shopping buddy in Brick Lane hit me up I am there at least once a week.

    Emma Inks


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