Festival Styling in Everyday Life

06 May, 2016
Festival Fashion Blogger Rainbow Crochet Seventies LookFestival Fashion Blogger Rainbow Crochet Seventies Look
Jacket: Topshop // Bralet: Topshop // Sunglasses: Primark // Bag*: Novum Crafts // Skirt: Charity Shop // Boots: Zara

With Coachella kicking off the festival season last month, 'festival fashion' has started to dominate the high street once again. The phrases 'festival fashion' or 'festival chic' are ones I personally find rather cringey as the whole festival fashion concept been given a bit of a bad reputation in recent years. With an influx of flower crowns, crop tops, denim shorts and neon face paints, it seems to have become a little predictable. In fact, this year I found myself flicking through Coachella street style shots feeling completely uninspired for the first time. Now I am guilty of sporting a flower crown (or five), but festival attire should never ever be oh so predictable.

As a festival frolicker myself, I actually love dressing for festivals and a fair percentage of my wardrobe would not look out of place on the rolling hills of Glastonbury. Festival fashion should be far from predictable as festivals are a form of escapism, where you can take a step aside from the real world and take on a whole new identity for the weekend. The more eccentric, the better!

Give me glitter, give me colour, give me clashing patterns, smudged make-up and a fruity cider in the sun!

Festival Fashion Blogger Rainbow Crochet Seventies Look

This show stopping turquoise, leather, fringed, beaded bag was kindly sent to me by Native American inspired website, Novum Crafts. Working with Balinese craftsmen and artists, they hand create absolutely beautiful and majestic Native American inspired pieces including dreamcatchers, carved skulls and headdresses. More importantly, they are a company who promise to pay their workers a fair wage for their craft and creation of such unique items. As someone who has always been completely taken and inspired by Native American culture (a large portion of my university work and artwork is inspired by Native American culture), I was excited to work with them.

I was drawn to the turquoise, beaded bag as it is unbelievably striking and the beaded detail is gorgeous. As each, individual item is carefully hand curated you know you are owning a one-off, totally unique item.

This multi-coloured, crochet, patchwork jacket is a Topshop piece from last year that I've featured in outfit posts before. It is one of my favourite, timeless festival pieces that I'm sure will have a place in my summer wardrobe for years and years to come!

Do you enjoy 'festival styling' in everyday life too?

Festival Fashion Blogger Rainbow Crochet Seventies Look



  1. Yessssssss to everything! This outfit is just life. I wish it was always warm so we could ditch the massive coats and always wear our festival clothes!

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.com

  2. Hi, I am one of your newest followers. I am on the hunt for fringe boots. I love boho chic or festival fashion but don't have any festivals on the horizon. I will have to put something together for one of my posts.


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