Getting Crafty at Christmas

13 December, 2016
Christmas Crafting with John Lewis

I'm not much of a crafter despite my creative history having studied an illustration degree at art school. I do use the term 'studied' rather loosely though. However, in recent weeks I've found myself at not one but two separate Christmassy craft events which has finally led to me feeling a little more festive and a little more creative than usual!

First up was the John Lewis Christmas event where we were treated to a Christmas jumper decorating workshop. The night was led by creative & crafting wizard, Zoe, of Ladybird Likes. Let's face it, John Lewis are absolutely top of the game when it comes to the Christmas holidays; I mean, do I even need to mention their highly anticipated Christmas advert? Their 2016 Buster the Boxer campaign was my all-time favourite!

I chose this beautiful fox jumper to customise, because let's face it, I was always going to go for the fox option! In fact, it's so beautiful that secretly I didn't want to ruin in with my shoddy crafting skills, but I wasn't going to resist getting into the festive spirit. My crafting skills were as shoddy as I predicted and after an hour's labour, I had only managed to glue the words 'MERRY XMAS' onto the back in felt. I have promised myself I would attach some antlers onto the jumper above the fox's head too, but I haven't had the spare time just yet.

I think my true masterpiece was my customised stocking, which I made after I had half-finished the jumper. I solely dedicated the whole stocking to Wesley the cat, which you can see over on my Twitter here. I plan to fill it with kitty treats and toys for her to have on Christmas day!

All of the crafting supplies were from John Lewis' very own product range & haberdashery, which you can view in full here.

The next crafty event I attended was with vegetarian meal specialists, Amy's Kitchen, who held a hygge-inspired night of knitting and comfort foods - dreamy, right? I've been avoiding the hygge hype for as long as I can, because for some unknown reason the word itself makes me cringe! 

Maybe it's the way this Danish tradition has been over-marketed and has started to lose its meaning a little along the way. 

However, on this occasion I fully embraced hygge in all its glory; after all, who doesn't like getting cosy with under candlelight, learning a new skill, drinking warm spiced apple juice and eating wholesome food? I definitely do, so I'm no longer a hygge Scrooge and now I'm a hygge convert! The highlight of my entire evening was discovering Amy's Kitchen gluten-free mac 'n' cheese, which I am now completely and utterly addicted to! Luckily for me it's available in most supermarkets, so I can now enjoy it at home!

And, would you believe it, I actually sorta-kinda-almost learnt how to knit and I really bloody enjoyed it! After several failed attempts of trying to teach myself in the past, I actually started to knit! I even continued on the bus, the tube, at home, wherever I could ...until I screwed up my pattern, couldn't rectify it and now I've given up! Hopefully I'll find the motivation to try again soon as my ball of yarn is currently abandoned on the floor of my bedroom in frustration - oops! 


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