Pergola On The Roof Winter Edition Review, London

01 January, 2017
Pergola On The Roof at the Television Centre London Review
Pergola On The Roof at the Television Centre London Review
Location: Multi-Storey Car Park, Television Centre, Wood Lane, London, W12 7RJ

Pergola On The Roof is a multi restaurant pop-up for foodies located on top of a multi-storey car park at the Television Centre in White City, London. This winter it has been completely transformed into a Nordic style forest hang out that is was very fitting for the festive period. Trails of creeping ivy hang from the ceiling, whilst terrariums filled with greenery delicately dangle and twinkling fairy lights are entwined amongst the foliage.

The pop-up is home to four different restaurants including: Patty & Bun, Snaps + Rye, Le Bab & Le Bao. Dishes start at just £6 and no dish costs more the £13 each, which means it really is rather affordable.

James and myself were invited along for an afternoon lunch on the roof to experience the sensational street food Pergola On The Roof had to offer this season. We did have a little trouble finding the venue to begin with though; whilst the Television Centre is in fact opposite White City station, it's so big you have to walk down the road for five minutes before you come across the little doorway labelled 'Pergola On The Roof'. In fact, it's directly opposite the Westfield Shopping centre and the neon sign shines like a shining yellow beacon above the small humble doorway.

Upon arriving we were shown into a lift and taken to the very top of the multi-storey carpark where the pop-up is held. I wish I could boast about the view, but unfortunately we visited on a day that London was overwhelmed with a thick grey fog so we couldn't see much further than 3ft ahead of our noses. Bladdy typical!

Pergola On The Roof at the Television Centre London Patty & Bun Review

We followed a trail of typically festive fairy lights upon exiting the lift and we found our way to the main dining area which is hosted under completely undercover meaning we were sheltered from the bitterly cold December weather.

Our first stop was always going to be Patty & Bun, which is one of my favourite burger joints in the whole of London. Although they aren't hosting a full menu whilst at POTR, you can still indulge in one of their famous cheeseburgers and rosemary fries, which is exactly what we did! If you don't get a chance to visit the pop-up, make sure you pop by one of their other branches next time you're in London, because I promise that you won't regret it.

Pergola On The Roof at the Television Centre London Review Snaps and Rye
Pergola On The Roof at the Television Centre London Review Snaps & Rye Danish Sausage

Even though we were both stuffed from our burgers, we certainly wasn't planning on leaving without trying another dish from one of the other restaurants. We actually came with the full intention of tasting a dish from each vendor, but unfortunately our protruding stomaches were telling us differently - whoops!

However, we decided to split one the 'Great Dane' from Danish restaurant, Snaps + Rye, which is a pork sausage in an Artisan bun topped with crispy onions. The meat itself was bursting with rich flavour and colours and made the perfect finish to our trip visiting Pergola On The Roof.

Pergola On The Roof at the Television Centre London Review

Although the pop-up is now closed, it's due to re-open at some point in 2017 so keep an eye on their website for more information.


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  1. I kept telling myself all throughout summer, and then winter, that I would go to this place as I work really close plus it looked really cool. I can't believed I missed it again - you make it look so lovely! When it opens again I'm gonna make sure I'll finally go :) x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure


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