22 January, 2015

O U T F I T | Sgt. Pepper

Hat: Vintage via Car Boot Sale // Jacket: Vintage via Depop //
Top: Topshop via Depop // Necklace: Forever 21 //

Now, it can't be just me... Have you ever dreamt a perfect item of clothing that you have totally invented in your mind? This particularly happens with vintage clothing a lot. So, you keep your eyes peeled every time you shop in the vain hope that someone or somewhere out there is selling the exact item you have conjured up off the top of your head? That was the case with this blue velvet jacket...

A few months back I spotted a red and gold embellished vintage jacket in one of the many overpriced, secondhand haunts on Brick Lane. Although I was quite tempted to reach into the bottom of my purse to take it home, I resisted as I realised I would have loved it oh so much more if it were in crushed blue velvet. Fast forward a few weeks later... to me in my bed browsing through my phone on Depop until the early hours of the morning and I spot this exact one for just £18!

You may or may not recognise this little suede baker boy hat making an appearance last LFW. It cost me just £2 from a car boot sale in the summer and I had to have it to aid me on my quest to becoming Suki Waterhouse. It's a quest that's been going on for some time now, that I'm no where near accomplishing! Damn you Suki and your angelic face!


21 January, 2015

O U T F I T | Blue Fur

Jacket*: Fecbek (available here) // Tunic: Vintage // Fedora: ASOS //
Flares: ASOS (available here) // Boots: Vagabond

I've started to develop quite a collection of coloured faux furs, so I couldn't pass up another one when I stumbled across this bright blue dream on Fecbek, could I?

I'll admit it's not the greatest quality and now I have no idea what the hell to even wear it with as it's such a bright blue, but it's so snug and fluffy!


18 January, 2015

O U T F I T | Ride Or Die

Leather Jacket: Charity Shop // Kimono: Urban Outfitters // Tunic: Vintage // 
Leggings: PrettyLittleThing // Boots: Vagabond

ALLSAINTS, eat your heart out... this VERY distressed, leather biker cost me just £10 from a charity shop and although it's so big I could probably live in it... which I happily plan to... I really do love it.  I have the feeling it could belonged to an old man who had owned the jacket since his heyday as a wannabe biker in high school, before his wife or kids instructed him to throw it out. Now, it's mine. All mine.

I originally saw these lace-up, suede leggings over on Heather's Instagram and I just had to buy them. After all, they're just £6.50 in the PLT sale. Bargain of the year (even if it's two weeks in).

So, I'm 24 in two days, which makes me almost mid-twenties... send help and anti-aging cream!