All Aboard the Mega Mystery Bus!

22 February, 2018

A few months ago an email landed in my inbox inviting me to an event with Megabus. Now, I think everyone in Britain is familiar with those iconic blue & yellow buses that you see cruising regularly down the motorways and I'm sure many of us have used them as a cheap & cheerful ride for a weekend getaway. I mean, I'm a bootstrap traveller and I've used Megabus countlessly over the years, including a trip to and from Amsterdam a few years ago that cost just £13 (!!!) and also that time I organised a group holiday whilst I was in sixth form to Newquay for 25 people and we all travelled from London to Cornwall on the Megabus for £1 each - that's 25 people on a seven hour journey for TWENTY-FIVE POUNDS (+ the 50p booking fee, of course). Yep, those £1 fares that they brazenly emblazon on the sides of their buses actually do exist! Megabus has indeed been an absolute saviour over the years when planning to get from A to B when I've been strapped for cash, so I couldn't think of a more ~on brand~ event for me to be invited to, in all honesty.

A Home from Home in Lisbon with Altovita

15 February, 2018

At the end of January I ticked off another city as part of my "12 in 12" challenge and spent four nights in the city of Lisbon. During our first two nights we stayed with short-term home rental company, Altovita, for the first time who have created an online platform for booking quality apartments across a number of European cities and are rapidly expanding their global reach.

A Vegan's Food Guide To Camden

11 February, 2018

I've been working in Camden for nearly a year and a half and in that time my own diet has progressed from meat-eater to vegetarian to vegan. Funnily enough, the food options around me have also progressed alongside my own transition and over the past year and a half I've seen vegan food companies slowly taking over Camden market. Every month on payday I'll discover a new little vegan joint popping up in Camden so there's always something new to try!

Camden is one of London's most unique boroughs and is renowned for its historical punk & rock music culture. Compared to some of the more structured, neighbouring areas of London, Camden is a curation of chaos and creativity with wildly vibrant shopfronts, world famous music venues, intricate street art, one-of-a-kind markets and it has this contagious atmosphere unlike anywhere else in London. It's the OG and grittier version of east London's Shoreditch. Don't get me wrong, I do love Shoreditch too, but Camden definitely has more soul. Granted the hoards of tourists that flock there every weekend can be a strain on even the most laid back Londoner's patience but it's an absolute mecca for vegan food!

Making Your Mark On A Rented Home With Desenio Prints

06 February, 2018

Living in rented accommodation means I'm pretty limited when it comes to styling up my personal space. I've inhabited four different rented properties over the past 8 years, including some pretty decent ones and some god bloody awful ones (one of my uni digs actually had a slug infestation, which probably explains my irrational fear of slugs) but with all of them it's been hard making it my own when you have to follow someone else's rules. I've always loved the idea of sprucing up somewhere with a few carefully selected framed prints but we all know that a couple of nails in the wall in a rented home would mean a pretty penny taken out of your deposit at the end of your tenancy!

Review | CabinZero Lightweight Travel Rucksack

14 January, 2018
Black Dr. Marten's boots stood next to the Cabin Zero rucksack, which is adorned with flag patches

You may have noticed that I've taken a fair few city breaks over the past year; in fact, I've averaged out to visiting the airport at least once a month. Taking more trips has meant that I've had to learn to be a little savvier with my money and budget as much as possible. Over the past year, I've finally nailed the art of travelling 'hand luggage only', which for an extravagant and not-so-light packer like myself is an achievement to be applauded. Long gone are the days of me travelling for a long weekend in Amsterdam with a 20kg hold luggage bag, much to the frustration of my very patient boyfriend.
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