19 April, 2014

O U T F I T | I'm With Dreamy

T-Shirt & Tote Bag*: c/o Wildfox Couture
Crochet Cardigan: Charity Shop, £4
Shorts: ASOS (available here)
Boots*: c/o DUO Boots (available here)
Sunglasses: Primark
Watch: Michael Kors (similar here)

This month I was asked to take part in a style competition called 'From Day To Night' set by online boot retailer,
DUO Boots who have a vast selection of incredible foot candy (is that even a term?! Well it is now!). Basically if I win I get a £250 voucher to spend on their website. DREAM COME TRUE. The challenge was to style up a pair of boots or shoes from their website for a daytime and an evening look. I've wanted a pair of knee-high, tan, suede boots for quite a while so without any hesitation I picked these beautiful Anata boots. For my daytime look I teamed them with this amazing t-shirt from Wildfox Couture. Now I've got to admit I may have had a little fangirl moment when I heard Wildfox wanted to work with me! I've been a fan of the brand for so long and now they've finally launched in the UK. Hurrah for no more import charges! This has become my new favourite t-shirt but I can't help but think the arrow should be pointing upwards rather than to my left.

Now these aren't the most flattering shorts for a girl with a pear-shaped figure like myself, but I couldn't help but buy them because they're just so dreamy! They're still available here on ASOS for just £17.50 in the sale! How do you like my rainbow co-ordination to my sunglasses too? I must admit this get-up had me feeling a bit like a unicorn and that's not a bad thing to feel! What do you think of my daytime look with DUO boots?


17 April, 2014

L I F E S T Y L E | Virgin Start-Up


You may or may not be aware but in just three months time I come to the end of my degree and four long university years, which will see me taking on the ‘real world’ and the first steps towards my future career. It’s the most daunting time of any person’s life as it is a giant leap into the unexpected. Despite studying Illustration I’ve known for quite a while my heart is not entirely in it. Sure I absolutely love drawing, but I hate being told what to draw and how to draw. I suppose it’s taken the thrill and freedom a little out of it for me.

Stepping out into the world as a fresh-faced graduate can get a little tiresome. It can take years upon years of interning and countless rejections before you finally get a grasp of your career path. For some it can be so disconcerting and disheartening that those post-graduation dreams can get cast aside and forgotten. For quite a few years now, my own dreams have been focused on opening my own vintage clothing and record store somewhere along the south coast. The idea of being my own boss and surrounded by beautiful clothes is my idea of heaven. However, as mentioned previously I study Illustration meaning my business knowledge is pretty slim, which has cast doubts in my mind of this ever happening.

However, I recently came across Virgin Start-Up, a non-profit organisation, that helps young people who want to start their own business and become entrepreneurs. If you’re 18 years old or over you can apply through their website for a government backed start up loan and if you’re approved you’ll be given firsthand free business advice from your own personal mentor, who will help you every step of the ladder. One of their most recent successes is a handmade chocolate company, YuCoCo, which sells the most gorgeous, handmade chocolates. Yummy! They've also just started to promote a brand new lingerie start up company that they've just helped in the process of setting up. Although I’m a little uncertain as to where my own career path is leading after the daunting graduation it’s helped a lot to discover the Virgin Start-Up scheme for when I feel brave enough to conquer my vintage store dream.


15 April, 2014

O U T F I T | Bournemouth Beach

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (available here)
Tie-Dye Shirt: Market Stall
Crop Top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Vintage
Necklace: Primark
Belt: Charity Shop

Yesterday marked one whole year since I met my boyfriend so as the sun was shining to celebrate we jumped on a short train journey to our nearest seaside of Bournemouth. It only takes around thirty minutes from Southampton, which means it's within arm's reach all throughout the summer. I was actually expecting it to be rather windy and a little bit chilly once we got to Bournemouth as I feel as if us British people set our expectations too high once the sun finally shows itself. Many a time when the sun comes out at the start of the year have I jumped on a train to the beach only to find myself shivering underneath a jumper whilst sat huddled on the sand. Luckily this time the weather was perfect! We spent the day strolling the beach, eating fish and chips (or battered sausage in my case because I hate fish!), rinsing all of our money in the Pier arcade and bathing in the rare sunshine. Somehow we defied all the rules and managed to win not one, but two cuddly toys from the claw machines!

I wore a rather summery ensemble with this lace bralet teamed with a mirrored, embellished vintage skirt I picked up months ago and had completely forgotten about. The tie-dye, longline shirt was also a winter purchase that I've been eagerly awaiting the ideal weather to wear! I just wish I could spend every Monday in the company of the sun, the sea and the sand.