Review | Purezza, Camden: An Entirely Vegan Pizzeria

23 June, 2018
Pizzas from Purezza in Camden that are entirely vegan & absolutely delicious!

As you may know from my Vegan Food Guide To Camden, Camden is pretty darn incredible for vegan food options. One of the latest companies to join the neighbourhood is entirely plant-based pizzeria, Purezza and I recently went along to check out their menu (and consume all of the pizza, obviously!).

Initially, Purezza was founded in Brighton back in 2015, becoming the first entirely vegan pizzeria in the UK. Despite their story starting just just three years ago, the vegan movement has boomed across the UK, which has allowed them to make a new home for their second restaurant in the UK's capital city. Located just a short walk from Camden Town station, Purezza has made itself at home amongst the flurry of other vegan eateries in the area.

Little London Guide | King's Cross

19 June, 2018

Welcome to Little London Guide | King's Cross

Little London Guide is a blog series on Fox & Feather where I explore and show you little snippets of London in more manageable chunks. The UK's capital is overwhelmingly huge spanning over an area of 1,572 km² and is home to over 8 million people so I've taken it upon myself, as a Londoner, to compose smaller guides that focus on different areas within the city. Just think of it as your bitesize guide to the city!

There's No Such Thing As Too Much Floral

12 June, 2018

So, it's definitely been a while since I've posted something that is solely style focused but here we are.

The past year or so I decided to swap my splurging habits on new threads for flights instead and used any extra money I had to see the rest of Europe. This pretty much meant I had no extra pennies to change up my wardrobe so nothing new was coming in, which meant I didn't have much to show off. The past year, I've had to learn to recycle the clothes that I already own and fall back in love with them. It goes without saying that it's far more sustainable to slow down on building your wardrobe and recycling what you have. Whilst I still charity shopped from time-to-time, I found myself enjoying writing around and documenting my adventures more than talking about the latest pair of shoes I had added to my overflowing collection. Also, I've found my confidence has faltered and I'm struggling to pose for style shots in front of the camera hence why these shots may look a little bit awkward.

My First Time Experiencing The Post-Travelling Blues

29 May, 2018

Without a doubt, I'll find myself feeling pretty sad at the end of a trip as the thought of swapping back my days spent exploring a new land, drinking beers in the sun and eating new local dishes with my 9 - 6 desk job is pretty gutting. I mean, no one really wants to go back to work after a holiday, do they? However, I've still always had that warm feeling of familiarity as I arrive back in my house and settle back into my own bed. I mean, I absolutely love living in London and I don't really dwell for too long on feeling sad at the thought of being back. I've never really suffered with the post-travelling blues because I've always been happy to be home after an incredible trip and it doesn't take me long to jump straight back into my normal routine again.

However, upon returning from my trip with TrekAmerica a few weeks ago I was struck with the post-travelling blues bad. I've actually found this quite difficult to open up and write about as I choose to keep a lot of certain aspects of my life away from the internet and I don't like to sound like I'm whinging but I feel as if those that travel frequently will suffer from a severe case of the post-travelling blues at least once in their life so it's important to talk about.

Exploring The Colosseum with The Roman Guy

23 May, 2018
The view of the Colosseum from the private access top tier.

When visiting Rome, anyone will tell you that one of the 'must see' spots is the iconic Colosseum as it is the most visited monument in Italy. Also known as the Colosseo or the Flavian Amphitheatre, the oval amphitheatre dates all the way back to 70 - 80 AD and is well-known for hosting brutal and bloody games back in the ancient Roman era. The amphitheatre, which is the largest in the world, had 80 entrances and could seat 50,000 spectators. Nowadays it attracts over 4 million tourists from across the world every single year and once you've seen it, it's not hard to see why so many people pilgrimage from over the world to see it in person.

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