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Scout 70's Glasses
Scout 70's Glasses Selfie Fashion Blogger Red Hair
Scout Glasses*: Glasses Direct

I worked out I spend nearly 12 hours a day of my working week staring at a computer screen. On top of that my weekends are usually spent catching up with blog work, which means many more hours staring at a screen. I've always had pretty good eyesight until I started an office job in where I've felt those endless hours straining my eyes at a screen have started to take a toll on my eyesight.

Last month, I decided to finally book an overdue eye test at my local opticians. Low and behold, my eyes have deteriorated as I had predicted. Luckily it wasn't by too much and I'm long-sighted rather than short-sighted. This means I am bloody fantastic at spotting which number bus is coming from a long distance!

Luckily, Glasses Direct came to the rescue and offered me a pair of prescription frames to review. Predictably I was instantly drawn to these very 70's, tortoise shell, oversized frames by Scout. After submitting my prescription, they took around a week to arrive which allowed enough time for the lenses to be fitted to the frames.

Choosing a pair of frames online can be difficult but significantly cheaper than choosing in an opticians. How are you meant to decide without trying several pairs of frames on first? To overcome this problem Glasses Direct have a 'virtual try on' system where you can try the frames on with your webcam! Awesome, right?

If you'd rather try on a few different frames IRL, Glasses Direct have got that covered with their 7 day free home trial where you can choose up to 4 pairs of frames to try on at home before you commit to buying. Handy, huh?


R E V I E W | Scout Eyewear from Glasses Direct

03 February, 2016
Ziggy Stardust Vintage Outfit Photobooth
Rough Trade East on Brick Lane
Ziggy Stardust Vintage Outfit in Rough Trade, Brick Lane
Ziggy Stardust Vintage Outfit in Rough Trade, Brick Lane
Photography: Fordtography

Last week it was my 25th birthday, so I headed back home to East London for a few days to indulge in excessive drinking, eating and vintage shopping. Every time I'm in London I like to take advantage of the endless vintage and record shops that line the streets. In Southampton, despite being a relatively cultural and creative city, unfortunately there's not much of a vintage scene.

One of my favourite vintage haunts to visit when I'm at home is Brick Lane. Maybe it's because I'm an East London native, but I just prefer Brick Lane's vintage offerings to that of West London's Portobello Road. Also, the fact it's a fifteen minute train journey from home helps factor in that favouritism too! 

Last Saturday I met for coffee, catch up and photos with the lovely blogger/photographer wonder woman, Kaye. We originally met at the European Bartending School cocktail masterclass last month (more on that incredible event soon!), stayed in touch and decided to shoot an outfit whilst I was back in the city.

We met inside Rough Trade, which is located on Dray Walk, Brick Lane. To change up the regular uniform outfit post, we decided to shoot inside the store whilst window shopping through it's diverse and extensive record collection.

This outfit was subconsciously inspired by Bowie. I was so, so unbelievably torn up when I was awoken on the day of his death earlier this month. Bowie has always been both a fashion and music muse to me. His ever-changing identity throughout his career and show stopping outfits have definitely played a part in my own style identity despite the likes of Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane being way before my time on earth.

This particular vintage, trophy, sequin, celestial jacket that I picked up on Depop last year is something I feel Bowie would definitely approve of. Sometimes if you're lucky you may spot a striking vintage piece amongst a sea of shoulder pads and granny floral tea dresses. This jacket was one of those pieces that will always remain an absolute favourite of mine and I will show it off as a proud achievement much like a trophy. I'll still be rocking it well into my sixties! It just so happens that my ASOS Reward boots match my dream jacket almost perfectly.

Have you been to Brick Lane before? If so, what are your favourite spots?

Ziggy Stardust Vintage Outfit in Rough Trade, Brick Lane
Ziggy Stardust Vintage Outfit in Rough Trade, Brick Lane


O U T F I T | Ziggy Stardust

30 January, 2016

A large percentage of my time is spent moaning about the snail pace at which my hair grows or doesn't grow. It gets to a point just above my boobs and it JUST STOPS. It's infuriating, especially when I have a younger sister whose hair sits at her hip bones. Seriously, why was I not born with the hair growth genes? She's got plenty to share.

I started a series named 'The Hair Growth Diaries' a few years ago that I never continued with. I only trialled Alpecin Caffeine shampoo, which worked incredibly well but ruined the condition of my mane. My intention was to trial all of the hair growth remedies out there to determine what was no more than an old wive's tale and what actually worked. My hair still sits at that awkward length beneath my collar bone, so I'm bringing The Hair Growth Diaries back.

I've compiled a list of remedies and hair care products to try on my hair growth journey that includes: Hairburst supplements, Sea Kelp, eating jelly cubes, hair growth shampoos, head massages and other home concoctions and potions with natural ingredients.

As well as those willing their hair to grow into mermaid locks, I believe the series could also be useful for those experiencing hair loss

Have you tried or heard of any hair growth remedies I can put to the test? Maybe you'll join me on this mermaid locks journey?


H A I R | The Hair Growth Diaries is BACK!

29 January, 2016

Coat: Story of Lola via ASOS // Hat: ASOS // Scarf: Zara // Top: Urban Outfitters // Jeans: ASOS // Shoes: Zara

Say 'hello' to the most wonderful coat in the world.

This Story of Lola faux fur peacock coat is the second coat from the brand that sits comfortably on my jacket rail. In fact, the previous pastel dream coat I shot for an outfit post wayyyy back in 2014. Story of Lola did release the peacock coloured coat at the same time I bought my pastel one, but I just couldn't justify buying two crazy colourful jackets within the same week. Predictably it eventually sold out and I was heartbroken.

Luckily this year they re-issued the peacock design on ASOS, but this time they designed a longer jacket. A longer faux fur suited my needs a lot better and I couldn't help myself when it went into the sale. Unfortunately it is sold out now, but it's worth keeping an eye out on ASOS in case Story of Lola add any more rainbow technicolour dream coats to their online collection!



O U T F I T | Peacock Coat

25 January, 2016