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A couple of weeks back I attended my third festival of the summer and hit up East London's Victoria Park for my first ever Lovebox festival alongside the rest of our newly found blogging collective, Fashion Sept. A huge thank you and endless smooches to Superdry for sending us along for the day!

Lovebox Festival Peace Hands Bohemian
Lovebox Festival Style
Lovebox Festival Tickets
Lovebox Festival Style

Luckily the weather was on our side throughout the day, as the sun blazed down upon our shoulders turning them a little pink as the hours wore on. I met up with the other girls a little after midday outside the festival gates where we covered ourselves head-to-toe in gorgeous, metallic Flash Tattoos. There's something quite addictive about applying temporary tattoos, just as there is with real tattoos. After having two placed onto my hands I'm now lusting after a real mandala hand piece.

Anna Mae's Mac N' Cheese Festival Food

After suitably temporary tatt-ing ourselves up we headed into the festival to shoot our outfits (more on that later!), drink and eat to our stomach's content and dance into the early evening. I was really looking forward to lunch just to feed my craving for Anna Mae's Mac N' Cheese. I sampled their sensational mac n' cheese a while back at a blogging event and then I missed out on them at Glastonbury, so when I saw on Twitter that they were going to be at Lovebox my stomach jumped with absolute joy. No one does festival food better than Anna Mae's!

Fujifilm Instax Raspberry Camera
Fujifilm Instax Raspberry Camera

We were each given a cute and colourful Fuji Instax Mini from Curry's to record our day at Lovebox. I love a film camera and actually have acquired quite a collection over the past few years. Instant and film cameras have a certain charm about them that digitals cameras just do not possess. There's something magical and exciting about waiting those few moments for a photo to develop in your hand.

Also, no one can complain and demand you delete a photo because of an unfortunate multiple chin shot! YOU GOTTA DEAL WITH THOSE CHINS, GIRL.

Annie Mac had to be the highlight for me. Although Annie Mac isn't my cuppa tea as such, I don't think anyone can resist dancing to one of her sets. Plus, the stage set-up was a fantastical, neon, tropical bliss!

Have you been to Lovebox before?

Annie Mac Lovebox 2015


F E S T I V A L | Lovebox with Superdry

29 July, 2015
A few weeks ago I was stressing a little about adding the finishing touches to my Lovebox festival outfit. Superdry had already supplied me with the most eye-catching, luminous coral dress, but due to it's neon tendencies it was a bit of a challenge to accessorise with what I had in my wardrobe already.

Luckily for me Westfield Stratford City came to the rescue and were kind enough to offer me a voucher to use across any of their 335 stores! Not only is Westfield a high street haven, but it's also an entertainment complex with uncountable restaurants, a cinema, a casino, a gym and a tons more! In fact, it's one of the largest urban shopping centres in Europe. I was bound to find something amongst the multitude of high street names to compliment my neon dress of dreams, especially as the timing coincided perfectly with the Zara sale. How convenient!

Westfield Stratford City happens to be my closest shopping centre at home in London, so I'm quite familiar with it's layout. I always make a point of visiting when I visit home as it's pretty much got every high street store you could ever dream of under one roof!

Clare and myself popped by the shopping centre on a Friday night with only 2 hours before Westfield actually closed. We managed to pop by Forever 21, Topshop, River Island and Zara before our time was up. Unfortunately I'm more of a 'marathon shopper' meaning I could shop for hours on end without tiring. As a tacky t-shirt slogan once said: "Shopping is my cardio."

I was really indecisive about what to buy and although a lot of things caught my eye in Topshop and Forever 21, they just didn't seem to be what I was looking for.

Thankfully I didn't come away empty-handed that night. Nope. In fact, I came away with not one, but THREE beautiful Zara dresses. However, this didn't help my Lovebox outfit dilemma as I already had a dress to wear, I still needed everything else to go with it!

Annoyingly I left behind the denim dress above and now I'm suffering from the worst non-buyer's remorse (yes, it definitely exists!) in the world! It was only £20 too - what WAS I thinking?!

I popped back to Westfield the next day determined to find something to wear with my dress. Somehow I ended up back in Zara (who'd have thought it?), but this time I spotted the most wonderful tan, fringed suede jacket. I honestly RAN across the store when I spotted it. It was the last one left and was reduced from £90 to £70 in the sale (if you can call that a sale reduction - jeez, Zara, you stingey bastards!). I found a sizeable, woven, leather-fringed bag perfect for Lovebox too that was *surprise-surprise* from Zara too! That store should just have open access to my bank account.

It's also worth mentioning that throughout the summer, next door to Westfield Stratford City, BeachEast has opened in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. I dropped by on it's opening day and witnessed the wonderful man-made beach beside the stadium that brings a tropical feel to Stratford's industrial surroundings. It's free entry and has a variety of fair ground rides, food stalls and even a bar for the adults - wahey!

S H O P P I N G | Westfield Stratford City

26 July, 2015
I know this is ridiculously late as Glastonbury was a month ago now *sob*, but unfortunately I've had an absolutely nightmarish few weeks which has led to me losing my blogging mojo. I'm slowly getting my sizeable editorial butt in gear and have some tremendous tales to share with you from my festival-trotting over the past month.

Now, I'm not conservative with my love for Glastonbury. I've promised myself I'll do my utter best to attend every year for the rest of my life, as long as that life will allow me. If I'm lucky enough to have tots one day, they'll come along for the ride too. 2015 saw in my fourth year at Worthy Farm after last year's horrendous failure at nabbing tickets, which led to alotta moping and avoiding social media for the majority of last June. I was so bitter I did not want to see my pals enjoying themselves drinking cider and catching Dolly Parton on the Pyramid Stage. I was a bitter old witch for the best part of 2014.

This year though we miraculously landed a pair of tickets upon the first release with about only two minutes to spare until they sold out. You can read about my guide to getting Glastonbury tickets if you're planning to try in October. This year was James' first Glastonbury, which meant I was a little anxious about him not falling in love with Worthy Farm like I have. However, I think it's hard not to fall in love with it. I've tried time upon time to vocally express that 'Glastonbury feeling', but no words do it justice. Instead of trying to paint of picture of my Glasto experience, I'll let the photos do most of the talking.

As I mentioned in my previous post this year saw me collaborating with one of my all-time favourite brands, Beyond Retro. As well as kitting me head-to-toe in some delicious bohemian garms (could a girl ask for anything more?), I also did a little social takeover on their Instagram channel throughout the weekend in where I recorded my highlights at Worthy Farm.

On the Friday I wore this whimsical, floral print maxi dress layered with one of Beyond Retro's own label embroidered waistcoats. Their own label is full of reworked vintage pieces meaning they are created in bigger quantities so you can find the perfect fit of a vintage inspired style. Genius!

The Friday night saw a secret set from The Libertines, which we were absolutely over the moon about. Sharing a mutual love for 'The Likely Lads' and having only seen them a week beforehand at another festival, James and myself were absolutely chuffed with their appearance. They had to be my highlight from the entire weekend. Pete and Carl sharing the microphone never fails to make my heart flutter a little.

Also despite what anyone says otherwise, IMO Kanye gave a pretty decent performance too.

Glastonbury Festival is a community; a population of 170, 000 people all looking for a few days of weirdly wonderful escapism accompanied by music. It's hard to explain that hole it leaves in your heart when you pack up your tent and leave the farm on Monday morning. I'm still heartbroken I'm not there right now living in a cramped tent and drinking strawberry cider for breakfast.

In the meantime though I'll be crossing everything I can that I manage to get a ticket for 2016's festival. Hopefully I'll see you on the farm next year!


F E S T I V A L | Glastonbury Photo Diary

24 July, 2015
Waistcoat: Vinatge // Top: H&M // Bra: One Teaspoon //
Bell bottoms: Kylie & Kendall // Sunglasses*: Bird On A Wire

If you haven't heard of Bird On A Wire vintage, I suggest you shift your toosh over to their website and indulge yourself with their vintage treasures immediately. I happened to first stumble across them on Depop many moons ago, where I fell in love with their carefully selected vintage garms. 

One of BOAW's main strengths is that every product is divine. A lot of vintage websites are full of secondhand toot nowadays, but BOAW is one of the few where you can tell a lot of attention has gone into the selection of the products. The only problem is that now I want everything.

These sunnies are the ideal 70's situation and the ultimate man-repelling accessory. I'm absolutely heartbroken as they were broken at Glastonbury. Luckily as they're a vintage style rather than true vintage, I'm planning to repurchase them to fix my broken heart - HURRAH! You can find their stupendous collection of sunnies for yourself here.

These photos were taken during my recent trip to Brighton (which you can catch up on here) in the Royal Pavilion Gardens. It's no secret that I love an aesthetically pleasing door; I have an Instagram account dedicated to decadent doors here. When I spotted this distressed, green doorway I knew it was the perfect spot to shoot.



O U T F I T | Lennon Shades

15 July, 2015