24 April, 2014

V I D E O | Shoe Collection

After a month's delay I'm back with a second YouTube video, but this time it's all about shoes! I hate to be such a typical girl, but I just absolutely love shoes. They're scattered all over my room and I have more than I'll ever wear! I've even bought another pair since I filmed this that haven't featured in the video! I didn't have the time or the patience to film all of my shoes, because I just have too many #firstworldproblems. I actually did a shoe collection post a few years back so there are some pairs of shoes that even crop back up such as my DM's and Jeffrey Campbells.

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23 April, 2014

S P O T L I G H T | Sassy World


Brand new, online vintage shop, Sassy World, is the vibrant and expressive creation of Southsea based blogger babe, Helena of Bell's Fashion. Ever since Helena stepped onto the blogging scene I've been envious of her effortless flair to pull off the most colourful and extravagant items. She has the most enviable ability to style lairy, vivid colours and bold, abstract prints into the most wonderful 90's inspired combinations. Imagine True Romance meets Ghost World crossed with Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion with a bit of Clueless sprinkled on top. Dreamy, right?

When she announced she was launching her own online vintage website with pieces hand-picked that reflect her own style I knew it was bound to be something magical. An array of rainbow platform shoes, neon faux furs, rose tinted glasses and a never ending amount of glitter! Also, just how incredible are these shoe pom poms? There tends to be an association of vintage with old lady tea dresses and shoulder pads, lots of unwearable shoulder pads! However, Helena's careful selection shows just how fun and colourful vintage can be!

In Sassy World's mission statement she proclaims that she wanted to 'create a highly visual online presence (a very Sassy one) where girls can escape into a vibrant, girl power fuelled world, where they can feel inspired to have more fun with fashion' and that it is her aim to 'not only encourage females to wear more sustainable, unique items of clothing, but to also empower them and give them the confidence to wear whatever they want'. I cannot agree more with how much I agree with her concept and it is truly inspiring. After all, why should fashion being so regimented. Sassy World is pushing the boundaries and making fashion more fun!


21 April, 2014

W I S H L I S T | Chicwish NEW IN


There's just so much over in Chicwish's 'New Arrivals' section that I couldn't just compose one wishlist, but had to make two! There's a whole feast of delicious treats for pretty darn good prices over on their website. I found it hard to wittle it down to just these few choices in fact. If you hadn't gathered I'm a bit taken by the colour white at the moment.

Who said a white, lace dress was just for your wedding day?! Definitely not in my opinion. If you're after a cheaper option that similar to Free People or Spell & Gypsy's floaty, bohemian dresses then Chicwish should be your first stop. They definitely cater for any free-spirited, festival damsel.