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I cut all of my hair off

Lace top*: JOY (old)
Dress: Zara
Boots: Zara
Rucksack*: Eastpak

A couple of weeks ago I did something I thought I'd never do; I cut all of my hair off.

3 Reasons Why I've Pledged To Go Veg

*This mouthwatering, greasy pile of burgery goodness is actually vegetarian!

At the start of January I made a major lifestyle change and declared myself a vegetarian. Being a sort of food blogger and all-round food lover, it was a big change to make as I was essentially cutting down a lot of my options. The idea of vegetarianism was something that had played on my mind for a long time and a few months ago, I decided that once Christmas was over I was going to dedicate myself fully to quitting meat. I actually decided to take that whole 'new year, new me' shit seriously, so sue me.

Disclaimer: This isn't an attack towards meat-eaters, but this is my blog and I'll say whatever the fuck I want regarding my own opinion. It isn't a post that's preaching that you should change (but if you do, then that's bloody great), but it's simply a rundown of why I decided to change my diet.

When you let the world know that you've suddenly switched to a vegetarian diet, the main question you're asked over and over again is "Why?", so hopefully this clears up why I've decided to ditch meat, eggs and some dairy products.

Writing about clothes seems a little futile when the world is going to sh*t

ASOS Faux Fur Pastel Coat Fashion Blogger Fox & Feather
Coat: ASOS (old)
Dress: Zara (old)
Hat: Charity Shop, £2

Last Friday I turned the grand old age of twenty-six. I'm almost, but not quite, into my late twenties, but that's alright with me. Maybe it's time I started taking off my makeup at night and learnt to cook something other than a cheese-based pasta dish, but I'm doing okay.

When it comes to my blog however, I haven't been feeling too sure. Whilst the blogging world is becoming flooded with a younger generation (not that it's a bad thing - the more likeminded creatives I meet, the better!), I do sometimes feel that maybe it's time to step back. I've been in this blogging ball game far too long, stretching back to the days of a 12-year old angsty, pre-treen with a Live Journal account; although, back in those days I wasn't shooting outfits, but I was more likely whinging about how the boy I fancied wouldn't return my unrequited love.

This particular blog, Fox & Feather, is nearing six years old now and I'm always debating if or when the time is right to bring it to an end. I often find myself comparing my little space on the web to other kick ass blogs with consistent, thought-provoking content and feeling a little doubtful and quite frankly, a little embarrassed at my own blog.

Vegging Out With Red Dog Saloon Southampton

Red Dog Saloon was my second foodie visit after last month's trip to Thaikhun to the brand new Westquay Watermark in Southampton, however this time I was returning as a brand spanking new vegetarian... to a BBQ meat restaurant! As you can imagine, I wasn't really expecting much choice as when we scanned the menu beforehand, we could only find two veggie-friendly main courses in the form of a bean burger and an avocado salad. Now, don't get me wrong - you can get some pretty fantastic bean burgers, but being limited to a singular option on the mains menu did admittedly have me feeling a little doubtful. However, despite only being two weeks into veggie life, I was curious as to how a BBQ meat house would cater to a vegetarian customer.