20 August, 2014

L I N G E R I E | ASOS Red Vine Undies

Underwear: ASOS bra here & thong here

This is just a quick post to share with you my new favourite undergarms. After having an absolutely pants day yesterday (pun was definitely intended there!) I came home to the arrival of this red vine applique triangle bra and thong set from ASOS. There's no better remedy to a bad day than a lovely new pair of undies... apart from maybe chocolate. Lots of chocolate. The bra is available here and the matching pants are available here.


18 August, 2014

S P O T L I G H T | My Favourite Blog Posts

Sometimes it's nice to take a break from the camera and share a little blogger love. Here's a few reads that have really caught my attention over the past few weeks for you to enjoy!

'He Wears, She Wears | The Leather Edition' over at The Little Magpie

Shit hot couple alert! I love Amy's 'He Wears, She Wears' posts in where her boyfriend, Rob, joins her in front of the camera on the odd occasion. These two don leather jackets better than most. In fact, they could have easily stepped straight out of a The Kooples ad.

'How to Juggle a Daily Blog & Full-Time Career' over at Media Marmalade

Having just graduated and fallen straight into the welcoming arms of a full-time internship in the city I've been struggling to keep my blog posts regular. I no longer have heaps of free time like I did as a student! That's why Mel's post on juggling a successful blog and a career has come at the right time and has inspired me. This lady is Wonder Woman, truly! She manages to blog every single day and every post, in pictures and in words, is wonderful and well-considered. Also, be sure to check out her earlier post on how to keep organised and inspired.

'8 Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know' over at The Velvet Black

Alice and her blog, The Velvet Black, are pretty new on my radar but she instantly made it onto my essential daily reads list. Now when it comes to the topic of beauty I just bumble along and pretend I know what I'm doing when I actually don't. Every morning is a battle with my mascara wand. When she started her 'Beauty Hacks' post with part one here I instantly scrambled over to the mirror and tested out the concealer tip. If you're not a make-up savvy girl like myself and end up with lipstick halfway up your face when trying to apply it then Alice's posts could be your new saving grace!

'Hastings Adventures' over at Being Ashleigh

Ashleigh documented her recent family trip to Hastings Beach through an assortment of enchanting, grainy photographs that have aesthetically captured the essence of her day out perfectly. It's clear from previous work on her blog she's a talented photographer, but these photos really shine for me.

'Bristol's Best Bits' over at Being Little

Bristol is one of my favourite cities in the UK. I've been a number of times but I haven't visited in three years - I'm definitely overdue a trip! Lyzi has posted her favourite hotspots in the city she's made her home and she steers clear of the typical tourist conventions in Bristol. For example, I had no idea Bristol had a neighbouring forest under the name of 'Leigh Woods', which I definitely have to see! I've got this post bookmarked in preparation for my day trip there soon.


16 August, 2014

S P O T L I G H T | Iconemesis Indiegogo Campaign

iPhone 4s Case: c/o Iconemesis

Iconemesis are pretty well-known around these blogging parts. Their stylish and cute cases designed by a number of carefully selected illustrators have been circling the blogging world the best part of 2014; they've become an necessary accessory for a lot of bloggers alike. If you've been a reader for a while you may remember my first post for them here when I was kindly gifted their 'Coffee Collection' case, which I still love to this day!

Iconemesis, although a quaint, independent company are aiming to expand their company and manufacturing, so they have launched a campaign with Indiegogo here to try and rally some well-deserved support for their expansion. If you're able to support them with a small, but reasonable donation they'll even send you a case for your iPhone 5 or 5s to say thank you for the support! They kindly sent me over this feather printed design for my own phone, which I absolutely adore. It actually matches the tattoo on my ribs perfectly too - now that's coordiantion!

What's your favourite from ctheir collection here?