Exploring The Colosseum with The Roman Guy

23 May, 2018
The view of the Colosseum from the private access top tier.

When visiting Rome, anyone will tell you that one of the 'must see' spots is the iconic Colosseum as it is the most visited monument in Italy. Also known as the Colosseo or the Flavian Amphitheatre, the oval amphitheatre dates all the way back to 70 - 80 AD and is well-known for hosting brutal and bloody games back in the ancient Roman era. The amphitheatre, which is the largest in the world, had 80 entrances and could seat 50,000 spectators. Nowadays it attracts over 4 million tourists from across the world every single year and once you've seen it, it's not hard to see why so many people pilgrimage from over the world to see it in person.

A Vegan Food Guide To Rome

20 May, 2018
Travel & vegan food blogger, Leigh Travers, lists her favourite vegan places to eat in Rome

Since returning from Rome I've had quite a few people ask me how I found it eating vegan there and before I went I was honestly expecting it to be a bit of a challenge as let's face it, Italian cuisine is largely based on carbs, cheese and meats. However, I was surprised at how easy it was to seek out vegan food in Rome when we were there with a little help from TripAdvisor and HappyCow.

If you're a fellow vegan or plant-based being and you have worries about being vegan in Rome, then don't as there are plenty of places to eat and you certainly won't go hungry whilst you're there!

How To Spend A Long Weekend In Rome

17 May, 2018

In April, James and me made it five years whole years of tolerating each other's company so to celebrate we decided to book a spur-of-the-moment trip to Rome so that we could spend our 5th anniversary eating pizza from in its home country rather than out of a takeaway box like we usually would. We can be pretty ROME-mantic when we want to be... totally not sorry for that pun!

We spent just over 3 days in the Italian capital so I thought I'd pull together a small city guide on what to see and do when you're there! I had visited Rome many moons ago but for James, it was his first time, so we did pack in a lot more touristy activities rather than off-the-beaten track options simply because the tourist sights in Rome are absolutely spectacular and definitely worth seeing.

Review | Backyard Cinema - Mission To Mars

24 April, 2018
Blogger, Leigh Travers, reviews the Backyard Cinema's Mission To Mars theme

Sci-fi aficionados, brace yourselves - you can now watch some of the genre's most iconic movies from an actual* spacecraft at the Backyard Cinema, based in London's Elephant & Castle. Who knew space travel was possible in south London?

*Well, maybe not an 'actual' spacecraft but it's believable enough!

Review | FINALE at Chamäleon Theatre, Berlin

21 April, 2018
Photo provided by Chamäleon Theatre.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited back to Berlin to review the new show at the Chamäleon theatre. This was my third trip to see a show at the Chamäleon and based on my previous trips (read my review of Scotch & Soda here and my review of PARADE here), I was expecting great things because the shows at the Chamäleon have never left me disappointed before!

The Chamäleon theatre is based in the Hackeschen Höfen in the Berlin-Mitte district, which is a few minutes from the Hackeschen Markt S-Bahn station or a 15 or so minute walk from Berlin's famous Alexanderplatz. The charming little theatre specialises in New Circus, which completely turns traditional circus on its head (and obviously involves no animals!). Whilst it does incorporat traditional circus skills such as acrobatics, juggling, contortion, aerial and other physical performances but follows more of a set narrative or theme throughout the show and has a live soundtrack to accompany it.

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