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Around a month ago, I was asked by Figleaves to take part in their Blogger Secret Santa campaign. Now, I LOVE Secret Santa; I love giving presents and I love receiving presents, so it's as simple as that! 

When it arrived I decided to film a super quick video of the unboxing without much preparation, hence the low-lighting and hugely out of focus video. Sorry about that, I'm a bit of a newbie at this video malarky! I'm investing in some lighting equipment, so it will get better... just bare with me a little longer! Also, I didn't even think to use my remote to focus. What a dick.

ANYWAY, sit back, chillax and grab some popcorn for five whole minutes of awkward waffling from none other than myself:

Also, you can read about the Blogger Secret Santa campaign, including interviews with myself and all of the other bloggers, over in Figleaves' digital magazine.


V I D E O | Figleaves Secret Santa Present Unboxing

27 November, 2015
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You may have seen that me celebrating on social media recently as I won a holiday to Tenerife through Thomas Cook Airlines thanks to my #CarnivalFiesta blog post! I found out the news whilst I was bed bound with an absolutely horrendous throat infection, so it made my week all the better! James and myself are headed to the Santa Cruz de Tenerife carnival at the beginning of February, which is a little over two months away. 

With this in mind, it's got me both excited and terrified of the prospect of having to strip down on a beach. I'm usually a city break kinda girl, so I've never had to face the prospect and nightmare of swimwear shopping. Being blessed cursed with a pear-shaped frame (I'm all hips and bum with no tits, but not in a good way!) makes bikini shopping all the harder. For example, I have to buy separates as my bottom half is two sizes bigger than my top, so if my dream two-piece comes as a set then it's a 'no go zone'. Also, being quite tall means a lot of swimsuits are usually far too short in the body. It's an absolute nightmare, I tell you!

Thankfully Blossom Lingerie have come up with a genius interactive guide for styles that suit pear shapes. One of the tips recommended it to wear fringing on your top half to lengthen your body. As I'm a huge fan of anything with fringing, I'll definitely be keeping this in mind!


*This is a sponsored post, but all words and opinions are my own.

W A N T | Winter Swimwear Wishlist

18 November, 2015
Top 5 Christmas Adverts of 2015

And, the countdown to Christmas is on! With just 37 more shopping days left, the festive themed adverts have started craftily creeping their way onto the telly between our Saturday serving of Strictly & X-Factor. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I'm the type of person who starts the Christmas countdown from July. I JUST LOVE CHRISTMAS SO MUCH, OKAY?

Without a shadow of a doubt, it's John Lewis who usually steals the crown for the most well-remembered Christmas advert year after year. The beginning of the Christmas adverts in November is becoming a traditional, 'cultural event in it's own right', as these ads mark the unofficial beginning of the festive season. No longer are retailers throwing their products in our faces with a 'sell, sell, sell' attitude. The aim is simple: to get the consumer talking about their advert and to remember it in the sea of every other festive themed adverts. Thanks to the ever-growing power of social media (particularly sponsored hashtags - thanks Twitter!) and YouTube allowing us to view the ads whenever and as many times as we please, there's become an unspoken rivalry between retailers concerning who can build up the biggest social media conversation.

Sainsbury's: Mog's Christmas Calamity

Now, I wasn't familiar with Mog the cat before Friday. Maybe that's because I grew up in a dog orientated family, so found myself as an infant reading Spot the Dog instead! However, Sainsbury's got everyone (except me) feeling a little nostalgic as their contribution this Christmas featured a little, CGI, grey tabby named Mog from the popular children's book series by Judith Merr. I've got to admit, I really enjoyed this advert... maybe, even more so than John Lewis' festive offering this year; I do prefer animals over people.

John Lewis: #ManOnTheMoon

I couldn't not include John Lewis in the run down, could I?

John Lewis dominate the Christmas marketing every single year with their high budget and usually emotionally exhausting television adverts. In fact, nowadays the John Lewis festive ad is as much anticipated as the famous 'Holidays Are Coming' advert from Coco Cola. God, who knew a red truck could bring so much excitement to the nation? 

Does the launch John Lewis advert now officially signify the start of the festive season? It would seem that way as the #ManOnTheMoon advert exploded across social media upon it's day of release (which caused a bit of a stir for this unfortunately named gentleman on Twitter). In it's first hour of release, the #ManOnTheMoon received more than 16,000 mentions on Twitter alone*.

MyVoucherCodes: Christmas Doesn't Have To Cost The Moon

Did you know the John Lewis advert actually cost a staggering £7 million to produce?! SEVEN MILLION POUNDS.* MyVoucherCodes cleverly took it upon themselves to have a little bit of fun and re-create the advert on a much smaller budget. Costing only £700, here is the result... 

Burberry: Celebrating 15 Years of Billy Elliot

British fashion house, Burberry, pays homage to Billy Elliot in their festive film this year in honour of the movie's 15th anniversary (come on, who DIDN'T love Billy Elliot?). The cast stars some huge and well-known British names including the likes of Sir Elton John, Julie Walters, George Ezra, James Bay and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley alongside a bright-eyed Romeo Beckham.

Burberry is on my list simply because a Burberry scarf is top of my Christmas list. Santa, please take note.

Sky Movies: Christmas Ad 2015

There's something about the Sky Movies advert that corresponded with my overactive imagination as a child. The main character, Rosie, loves Christmas but absolutely hates eating sprouts. Instead of eating them, she decides to dispose of them underneath the dinner table which leads her on an incredible, movie-inspired adventure! It reminds me of the time as a child I tried flushing my vegetables down the toilet - whoops!

What are your favourite Christmas adverts this year? Are there any I've missed?


* This post was sponsored, but all words and opinions are entirely my own.

S P O T L I G H T | The Top 5 Christmas Adverts 2015

17 November, 2015

My Geek Box Afterlife October 2015

That's right. A subscription box for geeks.

Subscriptions boxes are everywhere nowadays. It's obvious that beauty boxes dominate the market, but more and more themes are appearing to cater for everyone. There's something enticing about ordering a surprise box of goodies every month. It's comparable to the feeling you had as a kid opening a lucky dip bag; it's technically a lucky dip for adults. 

Back in the day, I used to be subscribed to Glossybox, however that was rather short-lived as it didn't really cater to my needs; I wasn't interested in the anti-ageing products they were sending me at 20 years old. 

When I discovered My Geek Box, I was curious. I was all the more curious when I realised October's themed box was 'Afterlife'. I don't discuss it much on this blog, but I AM OBSESSED WITH ZOMBIES. I'm also a horror movie buff. The Afterlife theme coincided with the month of Halloween, so for someone like myself, this was bloody exciting!

The box arrived towards the end of the month, in fact, I think it was a few days before Halloween. This meant I was pouncing on the postman everyday in October until it arrived! Again, it's the anticipation of not knowing what you're receiving that builds the excitement.

Upon opening the box I was greeted with six spooky afterlife themed goodies, which were in the spirit of Halloween. It included a t-shirt with a 'BOO!' slogan written across it. Whilst this was perfect for Halloween season, I think for the rest of the year I'll wear it as a pyjama top as it's rather fitting for how I look in the mornings - scary!

It also included a zombie warning metal sign, a zombie outbreak sticker, and a Dracula themed puzzle. My two favourite pieces in the box had to be the novelty blood-stained tea towel and the graphic novel: Twisted Dark. Whilst I hadn't heard of Twisted Dark before it arrived in my box, I'm always open to reading and appreciating a graphic novel.

My Geek Box Afterlife October 2015

I've got to admit I was hoping for a bit more from My Geek Box. Whilst some of the items were freakin' great, others unfortunately were just not to my taste. That's both the risk and charm with subscription boxes is that they really can be 'hit or miss' depending on personal preference. Whilst the October box may not have been my cup of tea, I've seen some other YouTubers absolutely loved it!

It may be because I built it up so much in my head before it arrived and it had quite a lot to live up to. After seeing some previous boxes with incredible Star Wars surprises, I was hoping for some kick ass Walking Dead merch or maybe some apocalypse survival tools! Whilst I love the idea of a 'geek box', I just wish October's offering had a few more branded cult items included. 

Saying that, I'll be rocking my t-shirt all year long and drying my dishes with a 'blood-stained' towel!

However, the box works out more than worth your money as the graphic novel is worth £9.99 on it's own and a subscription box only sets you back £17.99 per month - bargain!

November's box is movie and television themed, which sounds pretty promising, don't you think?

What do you think of the 'Afterlife' box?


R E V I E W | My Geek Box 'Afterlife' Edition

16 November, 2015