Review | CabinZero Lightweight Travel Rucksack

14 January, 2018
Black Dr. Marten's boots stood next to the Cabin Zero rucksack, which is adorned with flag patches

You may have noticed that I've taken a fair few city breaks over the past year; in fact, I've averaged out to visiting the airport at least once a month. Taking more trips has meant that I've had to learn to be a little savvier with my money and budget as much as possible. Over the past year, I've finally nailed the art of travelling 'hand luggage only', which for an extravagant and not-so-light packer like myself is an achievement to be applauded. Long gone are the days of me travelling for a long weekend in Amsterdam with a 20kg hold luggage bag, much to the frustration of my very patient boyfriend.

Alternative Things To Do In Berlin | The Ramones Museum

10 January, 2018
The Ramones collection in the museum is overwhelming and extraordinary as it fills every inch of the small space
Blogger, Leigh Travers, reviews The Ramones Museum in Berlin

Berlin is a city that holds a place in my heart and I've been lucky enough to visit twice in the past year meaning I've been able to explore it twice over. Before my second trip, I asked for some recommendations for some more off the beaten track things to do in the laidback German capital. As before any trip, I asked the opinion of Twitter what I should do Emma tweeted me and recommended The Ramones Museum.

Review | Lebanese Vegan Feasting Menu at Comptoir Libanais

08 January, 2018
The vegan feasting menu at Comptoir Libanais where two can dine for £19.95
Quinoa & pumpkin salad

At the start of this month I started my Veganuary journey, which now means I'm now over a week into living off an entirely vegan diet and I haven't starved - wahey! One of my first dining out experiences was last weekend at day-to-night Lebanese restaurant, Comptoir Libanais, which can be found in various locations across London. This January, in support of the Veganuary movement, Comptoir Libanais have launched a incredible vegan feasting menu for two, which costs just £19.95 (less than £10 per person). When I was offered the chance to taste the brand new menu, I grabbed one of my best vegan gal pals, Laila, and headed down to their Soho branch on a Saturday afternoon.

A Few Things That You Should Definitely Use Your Gdańsk Tourist Card For

03 January, 2018
The Gdańsk tourist card grants you access & discounts on attractions across the city!

Before I head off on any city break I always browse the internet to see if that particular has a tourist city card on offer as usually they offer a bang for your buck and you end up saving a fair amount of money if you invest in one before your trip. We were lucky enough to be gifted a couple of Sightseeing Package & transport tourist cards (Karta Turysty) during our trip to Gdańsk, which we picked up from the tourist office in the city centre (ul. Długi Targ 28/29 80-830 Gdańsk).

One Year On As A Vegetarian

31 December, 2017
Vegan coconut milkshake from The Diner

At the start of 2017 I made a resolution to quit eating meat and adapt to a vegetarian diet. It was something that I had been thinking about throughout 2016 as I was extremely conscious of my meat consumption and quite frankly finally realising that I was consuming literal flesh was turning my stomach. So, I went into 2017 with the intention of giving up meat but decided that when I was travelling I would treat myself and have a burger.

A couple of days into January I watched Cowspiracy and not only did I totally throw out the idea that I'd treat myself to a burger now and again but I decided to stop eating eggs and consuming the majority of dairy products. You can read my blog post from earlier in the year about why I pledged to go veg here. I thought it'd be nice to do a little round up on how I've found my first year living off of a vegetarian diet as it's something I never thought I'd be able to do. Also, I'm pretty sure it's the first time that I've ever completed a New Year's resolution!

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