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10 March, 2014

A few weeks back I headed back up to London for Voucher Codes' Blogger Swap Shop (#VCSwapShop14) and took my best gal pal, Harriet, along for the ride. We each took a total of five items with us which we traded in upon arrival for a set of stamps, which could be exchanged for other blogger's clothes that were on the rails. The number of stamps you received were dependent on the quality and brand of the item you traded in meaning you could receive up to 3 stamps per item! I must admit it was absolute chaos in the beginning with everybody filling their arms with clothes, so we gave up to take a break pretty quickly. After leaving it twenty minutes or so to grab a delicious cocktail (or three) we headed back upstairs to the swapping rails and it was much more calm! On our second round we managed to find much more stuff and I came away with some incredible pieces which included a Karen Millen beaded top, a floral Mod Dolly dress, a Jaegar red shirt, a faux leather fringed bag, an elephant smock dress and an unusual white wrap around blouse. I actually came away with more items than I traded in! Not particularly great for my wardrobe clear-out mission!

Also, on hand was the incredible Twistina who I cannot describe as anything else but an professional artist in the art of balloon modelling! I honestly believe she could make anything from twisting balloons! Of course I asked for a fox, which came on a headband with a dazzling LED light inside! It's been over a week now and my fox balloon hat is still going strong! Also, of course in typical blogger fashion we flocked to the photobooth and went a little bit overboard after everyone else had left. Thanks Voucher Codes for such a great night!


  1. looks like a fun event :)
    & balloon animals are da bomb! ;)



  2. This looks amazing! All the sweets as well! :)

  3. Aw I am jealous this event looked awesome!

    www.studdedkisses.co.uk << currently running a giveaway!

  4. Looks like such a cool event and a really good idea. Saves chucking clothes out or having things build up in your wardrobe! I also love both of your outfits. So cute!

    Happy Spring!


    Hailes Hearts Fashion.


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